It’s almost June, but I didn’t share my most popular Insta posts of April yet. April was an amazing month. Not only did I meet my favorite fashion blogger Julie Sari√Īana, aka Sincerely Jules, but I also ran a warrior dash, spent a lot of time at the beach, scored an Armani outfit and hiked in Topanga State Park. Talk about an active month. ūüėČ Continue reading

Walking through campus made me dream


Today is the last post of the series of pictures I took at USC. I hope that through these post I inspired you guys to visit a big campus sometime, somewhere in the US. Walking through campuses like this one just gives you an amazing feeling. For people who didn’t grow up in the States, like me, it’s also kind of surreal, because you realize that what you see in the movies actually exists in real life. The battles between and parties at sorority and fraternity houses, campuses that look like film locations, huge gyms and pools on campus, cheerleaders by the side of football players… All of those things are not made up and it’s so funny that those clich√©s, as I like to call them, are happening in schools that are so close to where I am right now. Continue reading

Sea lions in Redondo Beach


My friend, Stacy, is training for a triathlon and since she was going to swim in the ocean this morning I decided to go with her to the beach and keep an eye out for her. It has been really cloudy for the last couple of days, but luckily the beach wasn’t wilder than usual. Even though I live in Redondo Beach, I barely ever go down to the beach in Redondo. It’s a little further than walking to Hermosa Beach, and since my leg isn’t fully recovered after the marathon yet, I haven’t been feeling like doing crazy long walks. Anyway, I went this morning and I saw a sea lion and a dolphin. The dolphin was jumping out of the water 2 meters of where Stacy was swimming which was so cool and the sea lions were almost walking on the beach. Such a bummer that I didn’t get out my camera on time. Isn’t the beauty of nature the absolute best way to start your day? Continue reading

Work-out essentials: Natura Health Products (+ giveaway)


I mentioned the Natura products that I was using in a previous post about my running essentials, but I didn’t really share¬†all the information about the product because I was still in the starting phase of using the products. That’s why I decided to write a full article about it today. Keep reading if you want to know more about these products and if you want to make a chance to win them. Continue reading

Travel typography


This semester I took a couple of art classes and among those was a Lettering and Typography class. For one of the last assignments we had to pick a quote and chose a word that described the quote and we had to present it in a typographic way, which basically means that we couldn’t use images to illustrate the word. Continue reading

Spotted: USC sorority girls


Julie Cromb√© here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of LA’s elite…

Walking through USC is like walking in a movie scene. The buildings were gorgeous, photography students were taking pictures of the beautiful sorority girls who were about to graduate, there were little fountains, colorful flowers, a super old and thick tree and everyone is looking happy.

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Recipe: Oven baked sweet potato fries


This week is the last week of school, which means lots of pot locks. For my weight lifting class we decided to all bring something healthy, so I decided to get crafty in the kitchen and make these delicious and pretty easy oven baked sweet potato chips. I just recently got these amazing jars at Bormioli Rocco¬†and I thought they were perfect to present my healthy recipes in. What do you think about them? ūüėČ Continue reading

USC School of Cinematic Arts


Paul, Slaiden’s dad, had been telling me lots of amazing stories of his years as a USC student and on Monday he decided to take a drive to the school to show Slaiden and me around. I was so excided, because USC is a really famous school and it was used as a shooting location for several movies such as Forrest Gump, The Girls Next Door and What Women Want.

I decided to take my camera, of course, to snap some pictures of both the school and this proud USC dad with his baby boy. I feel like people in the US are always really proud of the school they went to. They carry the memories of the time they spent there in their heart and when they grow older they often donate money to the school or the fraternity they were part of. Continue reading

Workout essentials: My go-to gym bag and the coolest capris

Gym bag - Onzie-4

Today I want to talk about the Gaiam Metro Gym Bag¬†that I’m ¬†not only using as a gym bag, but also as a diaper bag, hand bag and everyday bag. I had been looking for a good gym bag for a while, but I always found something that I didn’t like about the bags that I had before. This one¬†is¬†literally everything I need. It has 2 inside pockets so you can organise everything in there. There is a key holder which I also use to put my gym lock on, it has an outside pocket on the 4 sides and you can close those with magnetic buttons which is great. There is plenty of space inside to store your water, towel, weight training journal, vitamins and wallet and it’s just the most comfortable bag. I like both wearing it over my shoulders and in my hands. The color is pretty neutral too and it’s a nice fit with almost all of the workout clothes I own. ¬†Another great thing about this bag is that it has straps on the bottom for your yoga or fitness mat. Continue reading