Spotted: USC sorority girls


Julie Crombé here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of LA’s elite…

Walking through USC is like walking in a movie scene. The buildings were gorgeous, photography students were taking pictures of the beautiful sorority girls who were about to graduate, there were little fountains, colorful flowers, a super old and thick tree and everyone is looking happy.

Where is your happy place?


DSC_2919-2kopie DSC_2901-2kopieDSC_3000-2kopie DSC_3029-2kopie DSC_3032-2kopieDSC_2901-2kopie DSC_3001-2kopieDSC_3004-2kopie

2 thoughts on “Spotted: USC sorority girls

  1. Kongo says:

    When my youngest was deciding on a college he had been offered a scholarship at USC so we were on the tour and I know exactly what you mean about it being like a movie set! The “just too cute” guide walked backwards the entire time pointing out all the landmarks and at the same time doing some serious eye batting at the boys. He ended up at UCLA but we thoroughly enjoyed the USC campus. You captured it all and I love that sorority pic. It is just soooo USC.

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