Walking through campus made me dream


Today is the last post of the series of pictures I took at USC. I hope that through these post I inspired you guys to visit a big campus sometime, somewhere in the US. Walking through campuses like this one just gives you an amazing feeling. For people who didn’t grow up in the States, like me, it’s also kind of surreal, because you realize that what you see in the movies actually exists in real life. The battles between and parties at sorority and fraternity houses, campuses that look like film locations, huge gyms and pools on campus, cheerleaders by the side of football players… All of those things are not made up and it’s so funny that those clichés, as I like to call them, are happening in schools that are so close to where I am right now.

The pictures in this post show all kinds of things I saw that I loved. The beautiful trees that you can find all over LA with the little purple flowers, high buildings that make dream about the day I’m going to buy my own house, the bond between a dad and his son and the gorgeous white house in the middle of campus that looked so charming.

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and a good start of this short week!


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DSC_3023-2kopie DSC_2946-2kopie DSC_3028-2kopieDSC_3018-2kopie DSC_3021-2kopie DSC_3049-2kopieDSC_3067-2kopie

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