Rialto Beach


Rialto Beach is probably the most unique looking beach that I’ve ever seen. The kind of beach that you’d see in a good movie and that makes you dream about being more adventurous and going to places that look like this place. Living in California, I’m used to white sandy beaches with hot surfers every few meters, so this was something totally different. Black sand, tall trees, driftwood everywhere, the most amazing rocks in every shade of grey and little islands that you could see through the foggy landscape.  Continue reading


Relaxing in Marbella


Last week I went to Marbella just to spend the day! My parents used to take me there when I was a little girl and I wanted to see if I still recognized the place. I actually didn’t. The only place I did remember was Plaza de los Naranjos, but it might be that I remember it because of the pictures I have in my albums of when I was little!

I didn’t really visit the town because I know what it looks like. Instead I enjoyed the beach and went to the Orange Square to drink a fresh zumo de naranja and to eat calamares and churros!

It was the most relaxing day that I’ve spent in Spain during the time that I was there! Continue reading

Citytripping in sunny Malaga


The second city I visited in Andalucía was Malaga. Because I didn’t want to spend too much to go from Sevilla to Malaga I decided to try a new way of traveling from one city to another. I chose to go by car through BlaBlaCar. I contacted Adrían after I saw that he was going where I wanted to go and for just 10 euros I travelled to Sevilla.

It’s definitely a way of traveling that I like, because you get to know locals and you get to talk with them which is really interesting. We didn’t have any dead moment during the trip and he even dropped me of in front of the house where I was meeting my friend! That’s a luxury way of traveling isn’t it? Otherwhise I would have had to figure out how to take the bus to the meeting point or I would even have to pay an expensive taxi!

When I arrived in Malaga, my friend Pedro introduced me to a Korean friend of his who was also staying in his house. After that he gave me a tour through the city. I really like to travel with locals because they know places in the city that random tourists wouldn’t see.

We walked by the beautiful harbor of the city, we climbed a hill to get to a viewpoint from where you have an amazing view over the city, we also saw the beach and walked by some other important places and monuments. Continue reading

Sightseeing in Sevilla


Since I was done working and I had some days left in Spain, I decided to go for some quick visits in cities I still wanted to see! I went to Sevilla on Friday, Malaga on Saturday and Marbella on Sunday.

In this post I’ll show you some pictures of my quick trip to Sevilla! I’d heart a lot about this city already and I was really curious what made it so special. I loved it since the moment I arrived there. It’s a lot different from Salamanca. The main difference was the use of bikes! The streets are really wide and literally everyone is using a bike rather than a car.

I stayed at the Feeling Sevilla Hostel which I liked! It was not the same style of hostel as the ones I stayed in when I visited Portugal, but it had some huge benefits too! First of all it was on walking distance of the bus station and the second thing I liked was the bathroom. The showers were actually really private and they were like 2 square feet big, so they were really spacious too! The kitchen was also really nice. What I disliked though was that the lady who was at the reception didn’t have maps of the city left and she had no clue where the tourism office was, which I found a bit odd, cause it’s the one thing that all tourists want to know, no?! Continue reading

Sightseeing in La Alberca

On Wednesday the people of the school where I’m currently doing my internship organised an excursion to a typical Spanish town, named La Alberca. They allowed to go, even though I was supposed to work that day, so I was so happy!

The town is really small but it’s the kind of town you imagine when you think about the old Spanish movies. At least I got that impression! It’s really beautiful to walk around and it was a great spot for taking pictures of the details of the place. I wouldn’t like to live there though because there is really not much to do. It’s so little that there is not even a supermarket!

We found ourselves talking to an American lady over there, who was geocaching. This is some kind of sport that is played all over the world. There are hidden more than a million things in the world and the coordinates of those things are listed on the website. It is a more adventurous way of traveling, so we really liked to help that lady to find what she was looking for, but in the end we didn’t find anything. I think someone accidently took it away and didn’t replace it.

I did love going there and that’s why I want to share some pictures of that day with you guys. 😉


La Alberca + ganaderia 011 copie La Alberca + ganaderia 002La Alberca + ganaderia 004La Alberca + ganaderia 018 La Alberca + ganaderia 019 La Alberca + ganaderia 037 La Alberca + ganaderia 040 La Alberca + ganaderia 050 La Alberca + ganaderia 072 La Alberca + ganaderia 073 La Alberca + ganaderia 075

B&W-photography Porto & Lisboa

Hello everyone!

Those last couple of days have been pretty busy for me. First there was Semana Santa. I benefited from the free days I had to travel to Lisbon and Porto with some friends. I actually had a very nice time there.

This is what you can expect in the following days: 2 hostel reviews, my photographer’s eye on Porto and Lisbon, a review on both the cities and maybe some other personal stuff.

I’ll start this week with some black and white pictures that I took in Lisboa. Enjoy xoxo

Lisboa y Porto 086 Lisboa y Porto 150 Lisboa y Porto 238 Lisboa y Porto 302 Lisboa y Porto 304 Lisboa y Porto 305 Lisboa y Porto 308 Lisboa y Porto 312 Lisboa y Porto 313 Lisboa y Porto 314 Lisboa y Porto 316 Lisboa y Porto 449

#OOTD: Jardines de Sabatini Outfit

Hi guys,

I decided that it was time for another outfit post!

While visiting Madrid I was looking for nice spots to take some fashion pictures with my friend. The gardens of the Royal Palace were the perfect spot for these pictures I wanted to take. The light was nice and the palace in the background made the pictures even more special!

Have you seen my camera necklace by the way? I love it! It’s so me 😉

Sweater: H&M
Top: Zara
Pants: H&M
Belt: Levi’s
Bag: I am
Armcandy: Stradivarius
Watch: Guess
Necklace: Bizoe Bizoe

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On my way to Madrid

As I announced a couple of days ago, I’m on my way to Madrid! During this 3-day trip ill try to update my blog with my impressions of the city!

This is what I’ve been doing in the bus:
(I have Wi-Fi on the bus btw, which is great!)


Keep on following and reading! I’ll update my blog today for sure 😉


Madrid is coming closer

Hi guys!

Madrid is coming closer… In fact on Thursday morning at 9 o’clock I’ll take the bus from Salamanca to arrive there around 11h30.

I’m really excited about this trip, because it’s all about discovering new places, new people, lots of fashion- and streetstyle photography and maybe it’s even about meeting new inspiring people/bloggers.

Are there any fashion- or streetstyle photography bloggers among you who’d like to meet and work together for some hours in Madrid? We are there from Thursday till Saturday afternoon. Leave a comment if you’re interested! 😉

Meet new people