Dear ‘Sinterclaus’…


In Belgium we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween isn’t a reason for throwing a huge party, but we have something that the American kids don’t have. We have Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is an old man from Spain, who brings comes to Belgium and Holland the 6th of December to bring kids the toys they want. He has lots of helpers, who are called the ‘zwarte pieten’ or black peters. He also has a horse who helps carrying all the toys. Continue reading

Thanksgiving inspiration

20131125-161350.jpgIt’s that time of the year again… Thanksgiving week! It’s my first thanksgiving ever and I’m so excited! Yesterday we drove from Redondo Beach to Palm Desert as we are going to spend this holiday in the desert.

As for what they told me, thanksgiving week means lots of YOLO-food. And as the people who know me know, I’m all in for YOLO-food! 😉 For the last couple of weeks I have been running a lot and I was planning to continue working out as much as I could here too, because the place where we are staying at has the nicest gym! Unfortunately I’m injured and I just can’t run! I should go see a doctor, but I haven’t had time for that. Also I’m afraid of what he might say, because I love running and working out and I don’t want to put that on hold. On thursday we are going to do a 5k turkey run in Palm Springs, for which I’m super excited, and if my back isn’t better by the end of the week, I’ll go for a check up! 😉 Anyway my point is, I deserved a YOLO-week full of my favorite food.

I’m in charge of the mashed potatoes and the appetizers and what’s a better place to look for inspiration than Pinterest? 😉

How do you decide on the things you’re going to make? Where do you guys celebrate this holiday?


Babies and bellinis in Santa Monica


Last Saturday before meeting up with my girlfriends Yael and Amy in Venice Beach, I went to Santa Monica with Stacy, Kiko and the babies, Slaiden and Mia. We walked around the main attractions and after that we went for brunch in this really cool wine bar, Sonoma Wine Garden. Aren’t the babies adorable by the way? What do you guys think of the artwork with the wine bottles in the restaurant? Gorgeous right?! Continue reading

Venice Beach Photography date


On Saturday I had a full girls day and I had so much fun! First I went exploring Santa Monica with Stacy, my neighbor Kiko and the babies. I’ll post the pictures of Santa Monica in one of my next blog posts. After that, I met up with my girlfriends in Venice. Both Yael and Amy are passionate about photography, so it was really nice taking pictures together and helping each other out with our cameras! Continue reading

South Coast Botanic Garden


As I told you earlier this week I visited a Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes. Gardens mean flowers and flowers mean great opportunities to take some really cool shots! I loved all the different flowers and the beautiful colors, along with the company of a really cool group of people.

I recommend all the starting photographers among you to take the time to enjoy my pictures, to go out and to start practicing your photography skills by taking pictures of flowers. You can experiment with the possibilities of your camera and you can learn a lot like that, because flowers are not a moving object, which makes it the perfect object to put in the spotlight! Continue reading

Six hundred / zeshonderd / seiscientos


Thank you all for following my blog! It’s the greatest feeling to know that someone likes my blog enough to hit that button! I hope you keep reading Pretty Little Treasures every day and that I inspire you guys somehow with the pictures I’m taking! I love you all!

Lately I have been trying to create my own font and this is one of the fonts that I actually really like! Who of you guys tried creating one themselves and how did that work out? Where did you get your inspiration? I’m dying to know more about this! 😉



Palos Verdes


A couple of weeks ago I stumbled up a really cool blog, written by a girl in who I can recognize myself. We started following each other and right now her blog is one of the 5 blogs that I check daily. Yael is a Spanish girl, who currently lives in the LA area and who just like me is passionate about photography! We decided to meet up sometime and last weekend was that day! She and her friends wanted to visit Palos Verdes and they invited me to come! Even though I was the new person in the group, I had such a nice time! All the people were really social and inviting and I felt like I’ve all known them for a long time! Continue reading