Creepy old house

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman,

Today’s post is about something strange and creepy…

Since I’ve been living in Salamanca I haven’t seen any unattached house, except for one. And you guess right, it’s the one on the picture. It’s located close to where I’m living and it creeps me out. I’ve always known that there was something about that house that wasn’t right, but I still haven’t figured out what it is.

Since the moment I arrived 2 months ago, until last week, the house was just abandoned but I couldn’t see much of it, because there were lots of trees and weeds in front of it which covered the view of the house. Last week something happened… They started pulling out all the trees, they cleaned the trash and they made the house visible again. There were lots of policeman which made it seem mysterious to me…

As I said already, I have no clue what happened to this house or to the people who used to live in it, but it just seems like they suddenly left the house and left everything else behind. In a thriller there would definitely be sitting a ghost on the unstable chair that you can see on the balcony.

It surprises me that I couldn’t find one of those creepy dolls around the house. The kind of dolls with glass eyes that are always used in the best thrillers. Every time I’m watching a thriller and that kind of dolls appear I’m saying to myself: “Oh Gosh, those dolls are there again”, and in the next scene I just know there will be a flashback of a kid who’s dying…

I’m wondering what story is behind that house in Paseo de la Estación in Salamanca…

If anyone knows more, please tell me!

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Mango salsa


When I got my daily feed of Bloglovin I saw a post on ‘a beautiful mess’ (a blog that I really like by the way!). They gave the recipe of a mango salsa that I loved!

I changed the recipe a bit (I made it even easier than it was):
-1 mango
-2 tomatoes
-1/2 onion
-1/2 lemon

I blended half of the ingredients (1/2 mango, 1 tomatoe, 1/2 onion) and then i put the other half of the mango and the other tomatoe in little pieces through it.

Try it! And check out their blog!
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Buen provecho a todos! 😉


#OOTD: Jardines de Sabatini Outfit

Hi guys,

I decided that it was time for another outfit post!

While visiting Madrid I was looking for nice spots to take some fashion pictures with my friend. The gardens of the Royal Palace were the perfect spot for these pictures I wanted to take. The light was nice and the palace in the background made the pictures even more special!

Have you seen my camera necklace by the way? I love it! It’s so me 😉

Sweater: H&M
Top: Zara
Pants: H&M
Belt: Levi’s
Bag: I am
Armcandy: Stradivarius
Watch: Guess
Necklace: Bizoe Bizoe

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My ‘fruitpapje’

It’s Friday sweeties and when I came home after work I made myself a healthy snack! The snack consisted of a fresh squeezed orange juice with a little bit of lemon to make the taste a bit stronger!

I also took 2 bananas, 2 apples, a cookie and a bit of my squeezed orange juice and I smashed al of it. In Dutch it’s called ‘fruitpap’. It’s the food that mothers give to their babies when they eat actual food for the first time. It may not look that yummie, but it’s delicious 😉




This is my favorite Honduran plate! It’s so easy to make… It’s Actually just baked bananas. I was never able to make them in Europe cause I never found the right bananas, but when I was in Madrid last week, I finally found them! LUCKY ME 😉