My first purchase at Zalando


Today’s post is a review about a webshop, namely Zalando. It all started in 2008 as a shoe shop in Germany. As the organization was really successful since the beginning, they decided to expand to other countries as well and they also decided to offer more than just shoes. Continue reading


Relaxing in Marbella


Last week I went to Marbella just to spend the day! My parents used to take me there when I was a little girl and I wanted to see if I still recognized the place. I actually didn’t. The only place I did remember was Plaza de los Naranjos, but it might be that I remember it because of the pictures I have in my albums of when I was little!

I didn’t really visit the town because I know what it looks like. Instead I enjoyed the beach and went to the Orange Square to drink a fresh zumo de naranja and to eat calamares and churros!

It was the most relaxing day that I’ve spent in Spain during the time that I was there! Continue reading

The Jane Iredale’s Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray and the Sisley’s Botanical D-tox night treatment


NoloMagazine is an online magazine/blog based in the Netherlands.

The thing I love about their website is that you can find short articles in different categories just like fashion, food, interior, travel, art and beauty.

I really like reading everything they put, because you don’t need to spend hours on their website to get up-to-date!

The categories that I prefer are the one about food and the one about beauty! I also like the part about traveling because there you can find stuff that you don’t really expect! It’s really original actually!

In all the categories they use lots of pictures. In general you see more pictures than text, which is good, because to me a picture tells more than a thousand words! Continue reading

Citytripping in sunny Malaga


The second city I visited in Andalucía was Malaga. Because I didn’t want to spend too much to go from Sevilla to Malaga I decided to try a new way of traveling from one city to another. I chose to go by car through BlaBlaCar. I contacted Adrían after I saw that he was going where I wanted to go and for just 10 euros I travelled to Sevilla.

It’s definitely a way of traveling that I like, because you get to know locals and you get to talk with them which is really interesting. We didn’t have any dead moment during the trip and he even dropped me of in front of the house where I was meeting my friend! That’s a luxury way of traveling isn’t it? Otherwhise I would have had to figure out how to take the bus to the meeting point or I would even have to pay an expensive taxi!

When I arrived in Malaga, my friend Pedro introduced me to a Korean friend of his who was also staying in his house. After that he gave me a tour through the city. I really like to travel with locals because they know places in the city that random tourists wouldn’t see.

We walked by the beautiful harbor of the city, we climbed a hill to get to a viewpoint from where you have an amazing view over the city, we also saw the beach and walked by some other important places and monuments. Continue reading

Sightseeing in Sevilla


Since I was done working and I had some days left in Spain, I decided to go for some quick visits in cities I still wanted to see! I went to Sevilla on Friday, Malaga on Saturday and Marbella on Sunday.

In this post I’ll show you some pictures of my quick trip to Sevilla! I’d heart a lot about this city already and I was really curious what made it so special. I loved it since the moment I arrived there. It’s a lot different from Salamanca. The main difference was the use of bikes! The streets are really wide and literally everyone is using a bike rather than a car.

I stayed at the Feeling Sevilla Hostel which I liked! It was not the same style of hostel as the ones I stayed in when I visited Portugal, but it had some huge benefits too! First of all it was on walking distance of the bus station and the second thing I liked was the bathroom. The showers were actually really private and they were like 2 square feet big, so they were really spacious too! The kitchen was also really nice. What I disliked though was that the lady who was at the reception didn’t have maps of the city left and she had no clue where the tourism office was, which I found a bit odd, cause it’s the one thing that all tourists want to know, no?! Continue reading

#OOTD: Platform shoot


Last week a friend of me, named Yip, wanted to introduce me to Lightroom (an Adobe program). It is kind of hard to do this without taking pictures first!

We went to the station nearby my house in Salamanca and took some pictures! Turns out he is a great photographer too! Loved this shoot! Thanks Yip 😉

You can find the outfit details on the end of this post! Continue reading

#OOTD: Yellow

Hi guys,

I wanted to share this outfit with all of you!

On this outfit, I like the fact that I combined 2 different prints! I wasn’t really for this trend at first, but when I tried it for the first time on this outfit, I thought it was actually stylish!

Skirt: Zara
Blouse: Blanco
Necklace: BijouBrigitte
Bag: Primark

P.S. I’m going to travel through Spain in the next couple of days, so if you have ideas of nice places that I should go to, please let me know!


Parque Jesuïtas 062 Parque Jesuïtas 061 Parque Jesuïtas 032  Parque Jesuïtas 063Parque Jesuïtas 034

Cheezy garlic bread

Hi guys!

I haven’t had so much time lately to write new articles on my blog because I’m working on my graduation project.

Today I did find some time to do a quick post. Last week for the goodbye party of a friend I made some delicious garlic bread, so I’d like to share with you how to do it!

You only need:

–          A baguette
–          Butter
–          A clove of garlic
–          Parsley
–          Cheese

Smash the garlic and mix it with the butter and the parsley. Cut the baguette in slices. Spread the garlic butter on the slices of bread and put some cheese on top. Put this in the oven for 10 minutes (until the cheese melted) and you’re ready!

Despedida Luca 001