Lago Di Braies

Eurotrip - September 2017 (14 of 250)

It’s been a little more than a year since I’ve written a travel story, but right before the start of 2018, I told myself I should start sharing these stories with you guys again. It’s one of those things that, when I blogged regularly, made me really happy, so why wait till January 1st to start over?!

This year has been one full of travels and adventures. I’m not going to share them chronologically, but I’m going to just write about the places I visited whenever I look back at ‘old’ pictures of them.

Eurotrip - September 2017 (3 of 250)First off is the road trip I did with Kristof in September. We drove all the way from Belgium, through Germany, to make our first stop in Lago Di Braies (Italy). After that we went to Slovenia and Croatia, to then drive back to Belgium with an unplanned stop in the beautiful city of Hallstatt in Austria.

Lago Di Braies was one of those ‘Instagram-worthy-looking’ places I stumbled upon a lot while scrolling through the Instagram pages of adventurers, while I was still living in California. I told myself then, that when I lived back in Europe, I would visit this place with someone I love, because to me it looked like one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen & the first picture I saw of that place was one from a proposal shoot. So I told my boyfriend that I wanted to take him there and he was just as excited as I was.

12 hours later we arrived at our destination. It was all dark, so we couldn’t really see anything. What we did see though, were signs that camping wasn’t allowed, but since we were on a budget, we weren’t planning on spending 100 euros on a hotel on our first night of our 10-day trip, so we drove around a little and found a nice place to put our tent up and we went to bed. The whole night we heard bells and cows and we were just hoping we didn’t place our tent in the middle of a cow field. The sun rose and when I went for a walk I saw that the place we stayed at was right next to a cow field, but we had a pretty relaxing first night and were ready to explore. Lago di Braies or Pragser Wildsee is gorgeous. We went to see the lake pretty early and luckily for us, apart from a couple of photographers, there was barely anyone there.

We started taking pictures and went for a walk on the trail around the lake, which would have taken us a little over an hour, if we hadn’t stopped to rest in the sun! We tasted the fresh water that was falling down the rocks and stopped every 2 seconds to enjoy the view and take pictures. We enjoyed having the place to ourselves for about 2 hours, when buses full of Asian tourists, started arriving. At that point we asked a friendly couple, who didn’t speak a word of English, to take a picture of us, after which we got out of there and continued our trip in the direction of Slovenia…

Eurotrip - September 2017 (47 of 250)Eurotrip - September 2017 (54 of 250)Eurotrip - September 2017 (40 of 250)Eurotrip - September 2017 (4 of 250)Eurotrip - September 2017 (50 of 250)Eurotrip - September 2017 (17 of 250)Eurotrip - September 2017 (21 of 250)Eurotrip - September 2017 (24 of 250)Eurotrip - September 2017 (15 of 250)Eurotrip - September 2017 (10 of 250)Eurotrip - September 2017 (44 of 250)

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