Degree in the pocket!


It’s that time of the year where school is out and vacation is about to start. Thousands of students among the world are waiting for their results to come! It’s kind of exiting actually, because exams are done, but still you can’t enjoy everything to the fullest until you know that you passed all your classes or not.

Yesterday was the day of my graduation Continue reading


#OOTD: Floral skirt for sunny days


It was so hot in Belgium today, so I decided to pick out something light to wear. I had to go somewhere by bike, so I didn’t want to pick something really short. In the end I came up with this outfit. It’s kind of simple with a classic touch because of the blouse. I do like the flowers and plants that you can see on the skirt. They give the outfit an extra touch. I combined all of this with the studded sandals I bought in Spain a month ago and Continue reading

I rocked today’s workout!


My trainer told me I had to run within my heartbeat zones of 160 to 175 which meant I had to run really slow.. Like 8 km/h or something. I went on until I reached 10 km and after I’ve burned more than 800 kcal. I was so proud of myself! 😉

The combination of fit and overweight


Last month I went to a health session in Spain because they offered it to me for free and I am really interested in those things. During the session I was told that I had overweight. I was so shocked and sad, because I was doing the Blogilates program and I was eating clean and then they said that to me.

I’m not ashamed of talking about that because I’ve always been a big girl! I was really fat in high school but back then I didn’t care. Then I went to Honduras, which is a country where everyone looks much more to how people look. As I was adapting to the culture, I started hitting the gym over there and found myself training really hard in combination with eating not that much. There they always eat ‘frijoles’ (beans) and I wouldn’t put this on the top of the list of my favorite food. To make a long story short, I really started to take care of myself and lost about 10 kilos in that year (+ I felt great!). Continue reading

#OOTD: Studded shoulders


I’m back in Belgium which means that it’s easier to do some more outfit posts again! My little sister loves to make this cute movies about her life, but she is also good in taking pictures!

If the skirt would have been black, it would have been a really classy outfit, but I love the black that you can find in my high heels and shirt in combination with the mint green of the skirt and clutch. It makes the outfit more easy to wear. For me this wouldn’t be an everyday outfit, but it’s still really comfortable (even though the heels are kind of high for me!).

I’m really a fan of studs which makes me love the studded shoulders of my blouse! I’m in love with this detail! Continue reading

Popular Instagram Posts May – Part 1

IG mei 1

I decided to share my most popular Instagram pictures of the month with you. I’m going to try to do this every month, and for the month of May I will have to do it in two times, because I had more ‘popular’ pictures than I expected. My definition of a popular IG-picture is every picture with more than 10 likes. It may sound silly and totally not popular if you compare it with pictures of some of the bloggers I follow that have about 5000 likes, but still, everyone has to start somewhere, isn’t it?!

In this post I’m going to give you some more information about the 9 P-pictures that I selected.

1. The first picture is a picture of a dame blanche (vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce) topped with some strawberries. I usually try to eat clean, but everyone needs a yolomeal now and then, so this was my sugary snack while working on my graduation project. Since I was still in Spain back in May, the weather was nice, and ice cream is always a good idea when it’s sunny! Continue reading