Olympic National Park


After we arrived in Seattle last Tuesday, we went straight to Worldmark Discovery Bay, where we stayed for a couple of days. The day after we arrived, we went to the Olympic National Park for an amazing hike in the mountains. Paul took Slaiden with him in the backpack, so he did a hell of a workout! The views were gorgeous. I saw mountains, Hurricane Ridge, snow, deer and thousands of the tallest trees.  Continue reading

Put the baby in the backpack


Hiking in the rain forest with a baby is not a mission impossible. Slaiden loved hanging out on daddy’s back. When he started to get fussy, we just picked things, like pine cones, up from the floor and gave it to him to distract him. When he was sick of those, we just let him out of the backpack and he started running around and absolutely loved everything about being surrounded by trees that seemed to come straight from the fairytales.  Continue reading



Last week I traveled with a baby for the first time. 

Paul, Stacy, Slaiden and I went to Seattle for the week and I can’t wait to share my pictures of the trip with you guys, but in this post I want to talk about the trip there. I had packed Slaiden’s bags before when we went on a road trip, so I knew what I had to do, but little did I know what traveling to another state by plane is with a baby. You need to bring a stroller, a car seat, a high chair, a baby backpack… I mean, the list doesn’t stop. Traveling with a 16-month old is not easy. It asks for organization, teamwork and most of all patience.  Continue reading

Sushi & babies


A couple of weekends ago, our neighbors invited us for sushi. I tried this once and was very sick after, but after seeing how much everyone loves sushi and knowing that our host was Japanese herself, I decided to give it another shot. They bought fresh fish, rice and avocado and the guys actually made the sushi voor the girls. It was delicious! The babies loved the rice too. You can probably imagine that the rice was EVERYWHERE, right?! Eating sushi is difficult for someone like me who never before ate with chopsticks, so I made a pretty big mess myself. In the end I became better at it though and I was so happy to give this meal another try! Can’t wait to have it again! Continue reading

Beach essentials


Since summer is coming closer and we all like to look good and get inspired, I decided that I’d dedicate today’s post on some of my beach essentials. I live in Redondo Beach, California, and we basically have summery weather all your long, so I have lots of different favorites that I’d take. These are some of my go-to picks! Continue reading

Live music at the wineries


Something that I didn’t mention before was that some wineries did an amazing job at letting people stay on their property. The first winery we visited was Sunstone. When we went up there, I was amazed by the beautiful entrance. You literally had to drive all the way up between the vineyards, which was gorgeous. Then you had to walk under a beautiful tree door and then you were welcomed by a band who was bringing live music. What I loved was that you would get your tasting and you’d be able to walk outside with your glass of wine in the hand, singing along with the band. They were performing songs that everyone knows. I remember that they were singing ”Somewhere over the rainbow…”. And when you hear a song like that you can’t just listen, you know what I mean?! At least I’m like that. I just want to sing out loud! 😉 Continue reading

Grab yourself a glass of wine


The cool thing about Los Olivos is that all the wineries are pretty close to each other. Most of the people who go there just hop from one winery to another. Every winery has something unique. One had super cool quotes hanging on the walls, another one had a photo booth and cupcakes and another one had a beautiful garden. There is a perfect winery for everyone! You just have to explore the area and find the one that you like the best! 😉 Continue reading