Good Food, Happy Mood

Today’s post is about my sister Margot’s blog. On the picture you see me with my sisters. Margot is the one with the jumpsuit and the brown hair. 😉

She always posts healthy and easy recipes and just things that happen in her life. Do you want to check it out?



Trip to Toro

Zamora y Toro 058

Zamora y Toro 062

Zamora y Toro 051

Zamora y Toro 049

Zamora y Toro 031

Zamora y Toro 016

Zamora y Toro 014

On Saturday i went to Toro with some friends.

Toro seems to be like a small medieval town in Spain, that comes straight out of an old movie. I was really imagining myself in that movie that I had in my head. The only thing that was missing were the people who were riding on their horses. When I didn’t see them anywhere, I went back to reality ;-).

The city/town is known for its wine and its many churches, so we went sightseeing and after that we enjoyed a glass a red wine.

B-day shopping

Tomorrow it’s my birthday and since I’m living in Spain at the moment for my internship, my parents can’t buy me a birthday present. So this year they sent me shopping, which I found a great idea! 😉 I actually should have done it tomorrow, but I have to work untill 9 on my birthday, so the shops would be closed when I’m out of work.

When I came home, all tired of shopping, I decided to take some focus pictures. Like that I could practise my photography skills and show you guys what I bought!

This is the result: (Let me know what you think about it!)

I love my parents ❤

B-day Shopping 001 B-day Shopping 020 B-day Shopping 023 B-day Shopping 024 B-day Shopping 025 B-day Shopping 027 B-day Shopping 028 B-day Shopping 030

Beautiful pink house

Zamora y Toro 068 copie

I was walking around in Zamora yesterday when I passed by this building. I fell in love with it. This is the style of house I would like to live in if I would live in a city.

It’s super classy with its big windows and its little balconies! And I love the fact that its pink which makes it look like it comes straight out of a fairy tale!

Who agrees with me that this is a dream house?
(Too bad that my dreams don’t always come true!)

My little sister





A younger sister is someone who trusts you to defend her, someone who thinks you know the answers to almost everything…

This is my little sister, Michelle. She is actually my host sister but since she was so little when I met her we’ve been like sisters always. I met her in May ’10 when I moved in with my third host family during my exchange year in Honduras.

She is like a big girl in a little girl’s body. She loves my bags and my make-up, going to the beauty salon for letting them paint our nails, going to the movies together and going to Pizzahut! It’s the coolest 4-year-old kid I know!

I included 2 pictures of her when I stayed with the family and then a picture of every year I visited the family!

Isn’t she adorable?

Original B&W Photography

Original B&W Photography

Since I was done working early today, and because I didn’t post anything on my blog yet, I decided to look for some inspiration on Pinterest. This is my picture of the day. It was taken on the right moment, which is what I love about photography. If the brush would have been a little higher or lower, the photograph would have lost its effect.

As I probably told you in a previous post allready, I’m in love with black and white photography. It makes everything seem so much more elegant!

#OOTD: The perfect outfit for a hot summer day in a tropical place



Top: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Pumps: Torfs
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

I’ve always liked this summer outfit! I like the color of the skirt and I like the fact that it makes me look skinnier too!

The picture was taken by my sister, Margot, in Mexico. We spent the most amazing vacation over there. That trip was like one I will tell my kids about in the future! I hope to go back to Playa del Carmen someday 😉