Make yourself a priority


We’re a couple of weeks into the new year and even though I had all kinds of solutions for the new year, I kinda held off for a bit before expressing them.  Continue reading


Postponing my adult life


Explore. Dream. Discover.

I dedicate this message to all the people out there that are living a life that’s not fully satisfying them. I’m writing to the people who are sick of studying, who are stuck in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy anymore, who go to their job everyday without feeling like they really accomplish anything. This message is for everyone who needs a change. This change might be a tiny little change but it might be the biggest change of your life. Continue reading

New kicks & ivy

Slaiden One 1-5

Whenever I can make time, I like to take Slaiden to the park! It’s the perfect place for him to run around, be around other kids and just be outside! Last time we went, I snapped some shots and this is the result! I loved running after him with my camera, because it’s just really funny to see what he is interested in. He basically loves eating everything he finds on the ground and he was obsessed with this ivy! So adorable and a perfect background for the pictures! Continue reading

Happy 2014 & My New Year’s resolutions


First of all I want to wish you all a happy 2014 full of joy, dreams that are coming true and love! I celebrated New Years Eve with 2 of my best girlfriends and we had a blast! We enjoyed our appetizers, talks and desserts and we watched some good movies. We skipped the main course this year, because every year we have way to much appetizers and we didn’t want to skip our delicious sugary dessert! 😉

It was really nice to spend time with those girls, because the three of us are the people of our group of friends who enjoy going abroad for longer periods of time. Tomorrow one of my friends is leaving for Canada. She’ll be studying there for 3 or 4 months. My other friend did the same thing 2 years ago, so she was talking about how she felt during that year and she was sharing her wonderful experience. As you know, I’m going to live in California for a year now. I’m leaving next Tuesday and I’m so excited for that journey to begin! Yesterday’s celebration was both a welcome and a goodbye or how I’d like to call it a hasta luego. We said goodbye to a wonderful year and hasta luego to each other because we probably won’t see each other till 2015. We welcomed 2014 and talked about all our resolutions for the new year. All of us have lots of dreams and we can’t wait to make them come true! Continue reading

Dreaming back of my exchange year through my scrapbook pages

Honduras collage

Today I had a day off at work and I decided to get me some me-time which for me is doing things that I haven’t done in a while such as rewatching my scrapbooks. This time I decided to look back at the scrapbook I made of my exchange year in Honduras in 2009-2010. I so love looking back at pictures and remembering the moments I experienced back then. That’s why I still try to always print my pictures because I don’t get the same feeling about those pictures if I watch them online.

When scrapbooking I love using quotes so I want to start off this post with a quote that I really love:

Travel is more than
the seeing of sights;
it is a change that goes on,
deep and permanent,
in the ideas of living.
– Miriam Beard Page

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Childhood memories in a little box


When I was younger I went to the scouts which is called chiro in Belgium. I went every Sunday to participate in all the nice activities the monitors prepared for us.

The best 10 days of the year were always the big camp in August! For 10 days we were living in tents, washing ourselves in the river, playing outside and building tree houses all day, being all dirty thanks to mud and paint… For a child like me these things were like a dream come true! Continue reading

Pink Brunch

Pink Brunch

Exactly 1 month ago my friends and I organized a pink brunch just for the girls! The concept is really simple: You bring all the yummiest stuff with you and try to have a touch of pink in all of it! We had fruits, freshly squeezed orange juice, pancakes, cupcakes, bagels with salmon and Philadelphia… Ok not everything was pink, but at least we tried!

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Degree in the pocket!


It’s that time of the year where school is out and vacation is about to start. Thousands of students among the world are waiting for their results to come! It’s kind of exiting actually, because exams are done, but still you can’t enjoy everything to the fullest until you know that you passed all your classes or not.

Yesterday was the day of my graduation Continue reading