Healthy instafood


Since I’ve been eating some really yummie healthy things and I’d like to share it and motivate you all to do the same, I’ve made this collage.

On the first picture you can see my favourite plate of this week! It’s made up of tomatoes, a zucchini, an onion, 1/2 red pepper and 1/2 broccoli and spices.

The second picture is the picture of what I ate today for lunch. It had salad, apple, cucumber and kiwi.

The next picture shows a fruit salad I made with apple, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, banana and some fresh squeezed orange juice on top.

The last picture contains my new specialty, namely zucchini soup! It’s was so delicious that I decided to make it again tomorrow. It was accompanied by some hot vegetables (with garlic!).


25 days left

I’m already more than 3 months in Spain, which means that I have less than a month left. I have to work till the 14th of May and after that I have vacation time, which I hope to use for traveling around in Spain. I really want to visit Sevilla and Valencia and maybe I find some beautiful spots in the way where I can take some nice new pictures.

At the moment the weather is really weird in Salamanca. 10 days ago it was 26 degrees and this morning it was snowing. I really feel that soon I’m going to be ill because of those temperature changes (please don’t let me be ill during my vacations!). Now I’m sitting in the living room watching through the window and I can just feel how strong the wind is. It even blows the birds against the direction they want to go!

Something else I hope to do is to keep eating clean! I regularly post pictures of what I eat on my Instagram (Follow me there!). Today I made myself a supergood vegetable meal! I picked out random vegetables at the vegetable shop and if you want to see my dish, check it out on Instagram!

I also hope to complete the full month workout for May of Blogilates, about which I talked in one of my previous posts! Who is with me to change his/her lifestyle to a healthier one?


25 days left

Never give up

Motivation 9

I like this kind of images with motivational quotes that I find on the internet!

Never give up surely is a great start for trying to change the way you eat and the way you treat your body!

Train like a beast, look like a beauty

Hi guys,

Summer is coming up, so for the ladies that means that it’s almost time for bikini season!

I just finished 3 months in the gym and since I only have one month left in Spain and I want to travel around the last week, I don’t want to spend my money on a month at the gym.

I have been looking for alternatives and I decided to go for the work-outs that are offered for free by Cassey Ho of Blogilates. She monthly makes a plan full of work-outs. For the month of april she included all the work-out videos she ever made, which is amazing.

I’m waiting for the May program to come online, and as she wants the readers of her blog to do I’m going to train like a beast and look like a beauty during the next month!

Who’s with me?

If any of you guys want to share you’re healthy plans with me, please do! 😉


Please check the Blogilates website here.


Sightseeing in La Alberca

On Wednesday the people of the school where I’m currently doing my internship organised an excursion to a typical Spanish town, named La Alberca. They allowed to go, even though I was supposed to work that day, so I was so happy!

The town is really small but it’s the kind of town you imagine when you think about the old Spanish movies. At least I got that impression! It’s really beautiful to walk around and it was a great spot for taking pictures of the details of the place. I wouldn’t like to live there though because there is really not much to do. It’s so little that there is not even a supermarket!

We found ourselves talking to an American lady over there, who was geocaching. This is some kind of sport that is played all over the world. There are hidden more than a million things in the world and the coordinates of those things are listed on the website. It is a more adventurous way of traveling, so we really liked to help that lady to find what she was looking for, but in the end we didn’t find anything. I think someone accidently took it away and didn’t replace it.

I did love going there and that’s why I want to share some pictures of that day with you guys. 😉


La Alberca + ganaderia 011 copie La Alberca + ganaderia 002La Alberca + ganaderia 004La Alberca + ganaderia 018 La Alberca + ganaderia 019 La Alberca + ganaderia 037 La Alberca + ganaderia 040 La Alberca + ganaderia 050 La Alberca + ganaderia 072 La Alberca + ganaderia 073 La Alberca + ganaderia 075

Workspace inspiration

Something that is really important for me in a house is to have your own space. Sometimes I like to be by myself for the day and do the things I like without others questioning what I’m doing.

When I have a day like that, I tend to be creative. I start scrapbooking for example, which is something I really need space for. When I’m doing that there are papers, painting, tape, stickers and bows everywhere. As I still live with my parents at the moment, I’m happy to be able to do those things in my own room, because they would really worry when they would see all the mess I’ve made after crafting for a while!

I’d like to have a workspace that is white, because it brings light into the room and to me white is really classy. I would go for one color accent though, but I haven’t decided what color I’d pick.

Something I else I need is a big table, not just a little one like you see on some of those pictures, because I need my space.

I’d put black-and-white pictures that I’ve taken on the wall and I’d use some inspirational quotes to give the space a more personal touch!

I’m so looking forward to have my own place and to start designing what it will look like! I have lots of ideas already! Now I just have to earn enough money to realize my dream office!



Workspace 3

Workspace 4

Workspace 5

Workspace 6

Workspace 7

First BBQ of the year

This weekend I had my first BBQ this year and it was really good! The sun was shining, the people were smiling, the BBQ was smelling great and we were at the summerhouse of a friend which was the perfect location to do this barbecue!

I took some pictures! They are not my best shots ever, but I wanted to share them with you anyway!

(I’m the girl with the yellow top on the 11th picture btw!)


BBQ Katy 013

BBQ Katy 021 BBQ Katy 004BBQ Katy 028 BBQ Katy 032 BBQ Katy 046 BBQ Katy 054BBQ Katy 067 BBQ Katy 057BBQ Katy 076 BBQ Katy 095BBQ Katy 089

Spotted: Fashionista in Parque Jesuitas

Hi guys!

Here’s the second part of the fashion shoot I did on Sunday! Parque Jesuitas is an amazing spot for taking pictures. It has a lot of different possibilities which made me decide to definitely go back there sometime!

Enjoy these pictures that I took of my friend and colleague Katy!


Fashion gods in parque jesuitas 011Fashion gods in parque jesuitas 002Fashion gods in parque jesuitas 017Fashion gods in parque jesuitas 043 Fashion gods in parque jesuitas 057 Fashion gods in parque jesuitas 097 Fashion gods in parque jesuitas 099 Fashion gods in parque jesuitas 107 Fashion gods in parque jesuitas 154

Pants: Bershka
Blouse: Bershka
Boots: Maripaz
Watch: Misako (Salamanca)
Ring: Accesorize
Armcandy (Gold): Tenterium Art (Salamanca)
Armcandy (Black): Guess
Necklace: Bijou brigitte
Earrings: Claires accessories