Postponing my adult life


Explore. Dream. Discover.

I dedicate this message to all the people out there that are living a life that’s not fully satisfying them. I’m writing to the people who are sick of studying, who are stuck in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy anymore, who go to their job everyday without feeling like they really accomplish anything. This message is for everyone who needs a change. This change might be a tiny little change but it might be the biggest change of your life.

I think traveling by yourself is the greatest way to get to know who you are and to discover what really makes you happy. When I’m in the same place for too long, life seems to getย boring pretty quickly. You come to a point in life where you feel like everything youย wanted to do is done and that at that moment of time there is nothing that really keeps you in that particular place.

For me personally, leaving my home country wasn’t really about that. I’m always happy at home, surrounded by my friends and family. I did need a change though. I felt like I hadn’t seen enough of the world to already start working and start my life as an ‘adult’. People who start working start a new chapter. Things that come up within this chapter are buying a house, getting married, becoming a parent and so on. All those things involve money and time and I felt like at this moment I shouldn’t have to worry about this. I should take the chance to postpone the moment that I won’t have time anymore to do what I really want. What I really want is to see the world, to discover new places and to discover myself.

That’s why I’m in California right now. That’s why I’m living with amazing people that I call my friends. That’s why I’m taking care of the sweetest and cutest little guy every day. That’s why I’mย fulfilling my dream of studying photography. That’s why I visited an amazing national park this weekend and that’s why I was having this view, while someone else of my age was sitting behind a computer desk for hours working on something they might have found a waste of time.

What do you think about postponing your adult life? Do you think making a life change for a couple of years is a good thing? If you’re a student, would you consider doing what I’m doing after you graduate? If you could turn back in time, would you travel the world before starting to work for the next 40 years? Let me know in the comments below!


34 thoughts on “Postponing my adult life

    • juliecrombe says:

      We all should! Unless you find an adult way of living that satisfies you perfectly! If you are practicing your dream job, have a loving family and group of friends and take enough vacation every year to discover new places, that might be amazing too!!

      • vincedicaro says:

        Eheh, taking enough vacation every year seems more a dream than practising a dream job :p

  1. John says:

    Great thoughts. I admire how you have taken this life by the horns and controlled it. So many despise being stuck in those ruts day to day. Stay free.

    • juliecrombe says:

      Thank you for reading this post and for your sweet words! I hope I can be an example for the people out there who are stuck in that place that we don’t like! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Margot says:

    This post is wonderful. You made me think about life so much more. I’m like living every day to the max and I try to think as much about what makes ME happy. I don’t want to follow everyone because you’re so to say supposed to do that. That’s why I’m going to LA this summer because I wanted to do that for a very long time. Why should I wait if I have the opportunity to do it new already? We are young and we have to enjoy every minute of it. You never now when it’s going to be over. I once read an article about people who were about to die. They all said that if they could change one thing in their lives, it would be working less and do more things instead. They saved money their whole lives by working really hard but when did they actually do something with it? With that in my mind, I’m going to LA next summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Belle365 says:

    As a 32 year old who has postponed their adult life very successfully twice so far and has plans to do so again just as soon as the opportunity arises, I completely endorse this perspective! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • juliecrombe says:

      Taking a look at your blog, I learnt that you’ve seen quite a bit of this world! I love that you’re living the life to the fullest! I hope I’ll be in the same place as you are in 9 years! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love your writing style by the way!! xo

      • Belle365 says:

        Aw, thank you! I have indeed done a fair bit of wandering. I think it’s in my blood forever now. I look forward to reading more of your blog, hope you keep enjoying life to the full-that’s what it’s for after all ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. Claudia Wood says:

    Very inspirational post! This is something I just needed to read right at this moment. I think I’ll be postponing my adult life for a while and just having fun.

  5. donzwebb says:

    Love this post, Julie! Life is all about living and grabbing opportunities as they come our way. Keep doing what you’re doing and thanks for the inspiration.:)

  6. endlessframe says:

    I post-poned it for years both teaching abroad and traveling Asia. I finally came back to the city of my birthday to teach music at one of the top performing charter schools. I never feel like I’m “not” accomplishing anything as you say here. I actually feel like im accomplishing a lot. However, I can’t believe how much time I put into my job, its obliterated my freetime and hobbies and my social life is restrained to a drunk night on the weekend. Its what I’ve always wanted to do, but sometimes you follow your dreams into a dead end…

    • juliecrombe says:

      I’m so happy that you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do, but your right, sometimes it comes to a dead end. I would say, just keep enjoying your job and keep inspiring others. You wanted to do this for a reason. I love that you traveled a lot in your life and that you’ve seen the world. Enjoy those crazy nights at the weekend, even if they don’t happen very often. Those nights keep you going and let you zone out a bit from your daily routine! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I really appreciate your comment! xo

  7. rosyreign says:

    LOVED this post!!! I am one of those twenty somethings who didn’t take the time to evaluate what actually makes me happy. I envy and admire your experiences! Great blog ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. prettypolymath says:

    I’m there — I quit my boring desk job and I’m traveling for a few months before I start a family. Felt a bit of anxiety wondering if it was a wise choice — thanks for assuring me that in not being frivolous ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. stephenvsblog says:

    Julie, really enjoyed this post! So inspiring, good on you for doing what you’re doing! I think it’s so important that we all take time to travel (if we are able) and enjoy the world for what it is. Even as a university student with classes and assessment, I hope to do a lot of travelling in my spare time. I look forward to following your adventures on this blog! I wish you the best of luck with your Dreaming, Exploring and Discovering! All the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. afifahkamarudin says:

    Reblogged this on Venusian and commented:
    Wonderful thoughts! Finally I read someone’s post which her opinions as same as mine. Unfortunately, I am not lucky as her to explore and do whatever she wanted to do. My parents are not that rich and as a daughter, I feel responsible to start working and repay my parents as well as to make them proud. Therefore, I travel working far from my hometown and meet strangers. This next alien place will be my second experience. My first travel was not so good yet still unforgettable moment. I confident that not many people have through experience as mine which is travelling alone working in an unfamiliar place. After I read this post, I think I might be the lucky one and I will make sure that I will not let any sorrows to happen again. How busy I am, I have to find my own space doing things that will make me happy!Somehow, I really proud of myself and go out of my comfort zone.Thank you Julie!U’re such inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Mariska (coralynx) says:

    Oh my god did I write this? I am trying to start my adult life but I feel like I am not ready for it yet.
    I started traveling at age seventeen and never went back home. I met someone, travelled the world and I am now trying to “live the normal life”.. Although the more I try to succeed this and try to fit in.. The more I want to go back to being irresponsible and fly around the world.
    The thing is: It is great. But WARNING!!! Once you begin it’s nearly impossible to go back. I feel like now wherever I am I can enjoy it but I couldn’t stay. It is not home. Nowhere is.

    • juliecrombe says:

      Story of my life, Mariska! When I was 18 I went living in another country for a year and ever since I lived only 2 years back at home. We’re 5 years later now.. I would say that the world feels like my home ๐Ÿ˜‰ xo

  12. cerikson says:

    I really like this post!

    I am an adult, working as an educator in Southern California. While there are some moments that I really enjoy about teaching, I often spend time planning trips for the breaks and summer. I try to travel as much as I can, and I enjoy the freedom that this brings. Now that I am getting a majority of my debt paid off, I have begun daydreaming about starting a new line of work (start a restaurant, a bakery, a cheese shop, a brewery, a…?), and traveling a lot more. Y’know, find something that has more freedom, so that I can afford more of what I enjoy doing, like sleeping in, writing, and traveling to strange new places and old familiar ones.

  13. spbutterworth says:

    Travel broadens the mind; I love to travel and see new countries, cultures and experience a different pace of life. A month in Paris; two weeks in Iceland; a week on a Pacific island; two weeks in Germany… all these experiences give me a better perspective on daily life.

    I’m fortunate (at 46) to have a decent paying career in IT and have the time (and now the money) to travel. As an 18 year old student, I travelled a bit and it was a great experience. I’d heartily recommending travel at those 18-25 years – take a month; lose yourself in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia… It’s relatively cheap but those experiences will be formative in giving you a new viewpoint. I know, money can be tight, but on a budget it’s all doable.

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