Postponing my adult life


Explore. Dream. Discover.

I dedicate this message to all the people out there that are living a life that’s not fully satisfying them. I’m writing to the people who are sick of studying, who are stuck in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy anymore, who go to their job everyday without feeling like they really accomplish anything. This message is for everyone who needs a change. This change might be a tiny little change but it might be the biggest change of your life. Continue reading

#OOTD: Feeling like Marissa Cooper


A little while ago, I went to the beach for a little shoot with some friends! We went on a day trip and this was my outfit. I was wearing beige pants, my grey Off Duty sweater, leopard printed shoes and a faux fur jacket. I really liked the combo of all the basic colors, combined with my printed shoes. I would say it was a comfy and sporty outfit that I gave a chic touch by adding the faux fur jacket to it.

I loved shooting around these lifeguard huts. The color made me realize that I’m living my dream here in California. I remember being 14 years old and going to the electronic store with all the money I saved from babysitting. I bought the The OC dvd box and when I came home, I watched the whole first season without taking a break. It was after midnight when I was done watching, but I knew that someday I wanted to live in California and go to the beach where Marissa Cooper always went to and I wanted to meet a guy like Ryan Atwood. I haven’t met my Ryan yet (Should I ask Tinder for some help with this?!), but I surely did go to this beautiful beach many times already.

Now, almost 9 years later, I’m living here, and the dream I had as a little teenage girl came true. Continue reading

Tree camping

Tree Camping on the Picific Coast, Elk - California

Today I wanted to share a place with you that I’d like to visit someday.

It’s a tree camping on the Pacific Coast, Elk (California). It’s so beautiful that it doesn’t even seems to be real.

I think that when you’re up there, you must really seem safe. Imagine you’re there with your boyfriend, looking at the sunset and just being together, without saying anything. Wouldn’t that be the most romantic thing ever?

This is one of the places that is on the bucket list in my head! When I’m there, I’ll definitely write a post about it!

I want those books in my future house


I love reading. And an interior like this one, with lots of books, is one of my biggest dreams!

I’m not sure yet what my future house will look like. On the one hand I want something which is supermodern with the newest technologie, but on the other hand I’d really love something like in this picture. I love bookcases, and I love it when they are huge, like this one.

What do you think about this?
Can anyone tell me some titles of nice books btw? (I’d love to go reading for a while!)


Bucket list 2: Work abroad

As I saw that you guys liked my first ‘bucket list’-post, I’m going to post another one. Working abroad is one that I actually put on my to-do list every year, but until now it never happened. Now it is going to happen, because I’m moving this Friday to Salamanca, where I am going to do my internship untill the 24th of May! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to meet a lot of people and take pictures of a city that looks amazing (from what I saw on Google ;-))!


Did anyone ever went to Salamanca allready? Any recommendations to visit some places overthere?

On Friday I’ll post about my arrival, and a little later I’ll share some pictures of my new hometown!