La Perouse (Maui, Hawaii)


You might think it’s a lot, to have to read 2 blog posts in a week. I used to blog 3 to 4 times a week for months at one point and I loved doing it and I also liked having a ‘journal’ to look back at instead of just a bunch of pictures without written memories. 

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Looking out over La Perouse Bay.

Earlier this week I wrote about my drive on the Road to Hana. Today I wanted to share pictures of the Makena Beach area. The day I spent here was so relaxing and beautiful. It was a mix of walking through the kind of landscape I had never seen in my life and laying on the most gorgeous beach and enjoying the view.

The place you see on the picture above is called La Perouse and it is a volcanic beach that’s made up of lava rocks. It’s absolutely beautiful! When walking around between the rocks I kinda felt as if I was walking on another planet. Rocks in all kinds of colors from beige to black, shells and stones in all the colors of the rainbow and the bluest water… This place did not disappoint.

After hanging out here for a couple of hours I drove to Makena Beach where I relaxed. The sand had kind of a mustard color and it was so soft! It’s so interesting how things like sand can feel so different on every beach.


What’s your favorite place in Hawaii? Let me know in the comments below!




This is the gorgeous family that offered me a place to stay during my short trip to Hawaii! Seriously though.. How perfect is this family?!


One thought on “La Perouse (Maui, Hawaii)

  1. 67steffen says:

    Great post. I like the Big Island and the Kona Coast. People are much friendlier in this area compared to Oahu and some of the other islands. But I know very little about Hawaii, so I enjoy seeing what others know.

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