#OOTD: Nike Performance pro printed sports bra + workout essentials


Hi everyone,

Today i wanted to share some of my workout essentials with you!

1. Sports bra:
For me a sports bra is a must have for women who like to work out! It’s important to keep everything in its place and when wearing one you don’t feel anything bouncing which is great! Also it gives better support to your boobs, which will make them look better and that’s why we work out right?!

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Hello August


July has been a busy month for me full of working, visits of foreign friends and so on which means that I didn’t have that much time to go to the gym (even though I swore that I would go!). August is a fresh month to start over and yesterday I already went to the gym and it felt great! I went for a soft work out because I didn’t want to push myself to hard on my first day back. I ran 5,3 kms in 30 minutes, so I was quite happy with that.

I have a friend who runs marathons and I admire her for that and it makes me want to run even more! Yesterday I was talking to her and when she told me how many kilometers she runs I knew that I still had a long way to go! I’m really motivated so wish me luck in my journey!

I’m going to try to combine the Blogilates #SoHotInAugust program with the running work outs and hope that by the end of August I’m going to see a real change already. 😉

The name of the program #SoHotInAugust is a great name btw, because today we’re going to have temperatures up to 35°C here in Belgium! I hope I can stand it! I put already a bunch of water bottles in the fridge so I have enough to drink in this hotness!

Who else is working out? What do you do to keep fit on hot summer days?



I rocked today’s workout!


My trainer told me I had to run within my heartbeat zones of 160 to 175 which meant I had to run really slow.. Like 8 km/h or something. I went on until I reached 10 km and after I’ve burned more than 800 kcal. I was so proud of myself! 😉

This week’s challenges: “15”

From now on, I want to change some things in my life. I think it’s time to take my life more serious. That’s why I’m going to try to be more responsable and I’m also going to try to take better care about myself.

Every week I will be posting 2 challenges on Monday. On Sunday I’ll post whether I reached my goals or not. These are the challenges of this week:

  • Run 15 km
  • Spend less than € 15,00