#OOTD: Nike Performance pro printed sports bra + workout essentials


Hi everyone,

Today i wanted to share some of my workout essentials with you!

1. Sports bra:
For me a sports bra is a must have for women who like to work out! It’s important to keep everything in its place and when wearing one you don’t feel anything bouncing which is great! Also it gives better support to your boobs, which will make them look better and that’s why we work out right?!

To look better… For me the Nike sports bras are the best ones. They may not be the cheapest ones but the materials they are made from are really great and they give great support! I personally don’t have a really small cup size and when trying the sports bras of other brands I experienced that they didn’t give me the support I needed. Zalando often does sales on Nike’s sportswear so check out their website!

2. Leggings:
My leggings are Nike too! I like to wear the whole outfit from the same brand so that’s why I chose to buy those ones. I love long leggings, because since most of the time I’m running at the gym I like to wear tight pants. It feels like there is nothing in the way and it just feels like the fabric is sliding one against the other side, which is really comfortable. If your legs are kind of heavy this is a great way to prevent wounds caused by the touching of one leg against the other one.

3. Watch and heart rate monitor:
Before I started training I did a fit test in which my coach gave me the minimum and maximum heart rate I could do for the cardio exercises like running, rowing, cycling… For running I have to stay between 160 and 175 rpm to stay healthy. Basically I just put on my heart rate monitor and my watch and try to stay between those 2 numbers. There is even an option on this watch that starts beeping when I’m not in the right heart rate zone anymore. I paid +/- € 35 for it, so it’s a really affordable one. It’s the Kalenji CW 300 Coded and they sell it at Decathlon.

4. Weights:
I bought those weights a while ago and I haven’t used them a lot till now, but I’m glad to have them. Sometimes if I have time to do a Blogilates video those weights are required and even though Cassy always tells that you can just use water bottles instead I like using the weights. They just weigh 1 kg each but that’s enough since it’s not my goal to get a lot of muscles in my arms. I just want them so be tighter!

What are your training essentials? Let me know in the comments below!


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