Make yourself a priority


We’re a couple of weeks into the new year and even though I had all kinds of solutions for the new year, I kinda held off for a bit before expressing them. 

I started off the year a little different than expected. After a year of being together with someone, things ended, which wasn’t easy on me, especially since I had just bought a house, in which I didn’t imagine living by myself everyday.

Anyways, with the new year came a new chance to be happy and to become a better version of myself.

I made a workout program and on January 2nd I went to the gym after work for a 10k run. It was pretty hard because I hadn’t run for a while and 10 kilometers on a treadmill isn’t that easy on top of that. I went for it and after I finished I went to my car because I was meeting up with a friend right after. When I wanted to drive off of the parking lot, I saw that the parking was closed and I couldn’t leave. I kind of panicked because I just started a new job and the parking lot wasn’t going to open up till 9:30 the next morning. In the end, my friend picked me up (Thanks Linds!) & I did a late shift at work, which meant I just made it on time.

After that happened, I didn’t go back to the gym, cause you know, I felt like this gym wasn’t for me! (“Insert the monkey emoji”)

Anyways starting your intense workout plan right when you start a new job isn’t the best idea, so now that I’m used to the changes at work, I’m ready to jump into this healthy and active lifestyle again. My colleague, Frauke, who’s also much into the healthy stuff is going to work out with me and we’re going to keep each other accountable, so let’s hope this works out!


Working out is not my only solution this year.

Here are 10 other things I want to make happen this year:

1. Be social & meet up with friends more often

As someone who enjoys alone-time, it sometimes is hard to get off of my couch and go to the city. I always really enjoy meeting up with friends for drinks or dinner and when I do I always think that I should do it more often. I get lazy though and often life gets in the way. Last year it was easy, cause when having a boyfriend you feel social every day cause you’re not sitting at home by yourself, but in the end it’s your friends who are going to be there for you when you end up alone. That’s why now my friends and I decided to immediately set a new date for the next time we’re meeting up so no one has an excuse to not show up. So far it’s working out great!

2. Keep track of my macros

One of my fitness friends from Afterburn Fitness back in Manhattan Beach posted an article the other day about the importance of keeping track of your macros instead of just counting calories and I remember that when living in the US I kept track of them and once you’re used to it, you’re body just starts looking better and you feel more energized. Also, let’s not forget about the 80/20 rule, which means you don’t necessarily have to say no to that glass of wine! Read the article here.

3. Do things with my family more often

Every year around Christmas we get together with the whole family and it’s so fun. All the cousins are around the same age and it’s always a great time, but somehow we only see each other a couple of times a year. I’m gonna change that and I’m going to try to go see my grandmas more often!

4. Use my Fitbit again 

In the US I was such a big fan of my Fitbit, but ever since I’m back in Belgium, practicing a desk job, I just don’t do weekly challenges anymore which made my activity level go from hero to zero.

5. Train properly for a half marathon

Last year I ran 3 full marathons without training properly. I therefor lost all my courage and didn’t like running anymore. This year I want to start enjoying low distance running first and slowly build up.

6. Visit more places in Belgium 

Belgium is a small country with lots of history and lots of beautiful cities and places. Last year I visited Dinant and loved it. I want to see more caves and nature and explore the French part of Belgium. 

7. Read at least a book a month

I already started reading my first book…

8. Learn more about engineering

For my job, I need to screen engineers and give them a fitting job. This year I want to focus on reading more about engineering so that, by the end of the year, I’m a little bit more of an expert in the field.

9. Make my house a home, starting with the bathroom

Buying a house is expensive, especially when you’re alone. I bought a house and have been living in it for about a month now. Of course I have all the ideas in the world on how to renovate it, but the thing that I want to work on first is a new bathroom. Since it’s a pretty small space, I think I have to save about 5000 euros to buy and install it. Let’s hope I can make it happen this year!

10. Become a pro in my new job as a recruitment manager

Last year I started working as a recruitment consultant and worked hard to become a pro in screening people and giving them a job. This year I got the chance to have my own office and an awesome consultant to work with. We’re working for a brand new company that’s focussing on recruiting engineers and the biggest change is that as a recruitment manager you have to have to meet with companies in person and you have to use your coaching skills to grow your own office. It’s a big challenge for now, but I’m ready to grow a successful office!

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