It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!


I was browsing through the Internet and stumbled upon this quote. Even though I’m not a mom, I love the way this lady put her thoughts into words. I thought about me growing up and about all the memories we created during the holidays and it immediately put a smile on my face. Living in the US with a young family, I love how they are building up and creating their own traditions! Continue reading


Grab yourself a glass of wine


The cool thing about Los Olivos is that all the wineries are pretty close to each other. Most of the people who go there just hop from one winery to another. Every winery has something unique. One had┬ásuper cool quotes hanging on the walls, another one had a photo booth and cupcakes and another one had a beautiful garden. There is a perfect winery for everyone! You just have to explore the area and find the one that you like the best! ­čśë Continue reading

Wine tasting in Los Olivos


After my half marathon I had the time to explore the wine country and its wineries in the Santa Barbara area. Paul and Stacy took me to a couple of wineries where I did some wine tasting. I was never a very big fan of red wine (I might have been too young for it!), but I feel like now I start appreciating my glass of wine every now and then.  Continue reading

The streets of Santa Barbara

Slaiden One 1-18

When I’m traveling to a new city, my favorite way to explore is to either drive or walk around in the city. Tours and touristic attractions can be so much fun, but they often don’t give you the opportunity to be creative as a photographer. Most of the time, I’m not really interested in photographing the touristic attractions. I mean, when you’re in Paris, you need that picture of you standing in front of the Eiffel Tower and when you’re in New York City, you obviously need a picture of you standing on Times Square. I’m like that! I want a picture of myself standing in front of something that makes people know in which city you are. Continue reading

Santa Barbara Pier

Slaiden One 1-5

Last Saturday, I went to Santa Barbara with a bunch of friends. To get there we had to drive for a little over 1,5 hour, but it was certainly worth the drive! While walking on the pier, an older Canadian couple asked us where we were from. They heart us talking to each other, each in our unique American accent. When we told them that we were from Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Syria and several places in the US, they were like: “Hey guys, can we just hang out with you?”. Continue reading