Wine tasting in Los Olivos


After my half marathon I had the time to explore the wine country and its wineries in the Santa Barbara area. Paul and Stacy took me to a couple of wineries where I did some wine tasting. I was never a very big fan of red wine (I might have been too young for it!), but I feel like now I start appreciating my glass of wine every now and then. 

Los Olivos is definitely worth a trip because the people who host the wine tastings really know what they are talking about. For newbies like me it’s a really interesting experience because those people can literally answer all the questions you can think of and they are just nice to hang out with. My questions went from the places where they make the wine to which grapes they combine to which wines you should combine with which food. I definitely want to get more into this! So much fun!


Slaiden’s cousins Ashley and Logan came over to the hotel to play with Slaiden while we were running our half marathon. After the race we took them to Bridlewood, which is a gorgeous winery with beautiful gardens, horses and a lake.


Slaiden got a new tooth in during our little getaway and he had troubles sleeping so he woke up at 5 in the morning and fell asleep in the big bed after lots of reading! So cute to see such a little guy in such a big bed!


The person who was explaining us everything at Roblar, was the best guide in the world of wine. Not only was he really smart, he also was extremely funny and the perfect person for the job! This is definitely a go-to place if you’re in the neighborhood. I really liked the wine, took pictures in between the grape yards and was able to play fun games outside.


What’s your favorite winery? Any tips on wineries in California that I should visit? Let me know in the comments below!


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