Manhattan Beach walk


Since I moved to California I really enjoy taking these long walks to the beach. I usually walk for about 1,5 hour and this time I walked all the way to Manhattan Beach and it was so pretty out there! As it was a really sunny day a lot of young people were tanning on the beach. Girls were watching the boys surfing, parents were walking their babies and others were just enjoying the prettiest views!

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Palm Springs for the weekend


It’s amazingly beautiful out here. Keep an eye on my blog for pictures of this relaxing weekend! 😉

On the way to paradise I made a little instavideo! You can watch it by looking for me on Instagram (@juliecrombe) or by clicking on the instalink on the right of this post!

Redondo Beach Lobster Festival


Last Friday I went to the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival and it was so fun! Think little lobster dishes – such as lobster mac and cheese, lobster tacos, lobster sliders… -, live music from local artists, great views, people dressed up as lobsters (oh yeah, that’s how the Americans roll (love it!)) and some beers. It was a great evening in company of the family I live with!

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