Santa Barbara Pier

Slaiden One 1-5

Last Saturday, I went to Santa Barbara with a bunch of friends. To get there we had to drive for a little over 1,5 hour, but it was certainly worth the drive! While walking on the pier, an older Canadian couple asked us where we were from. They heart us talking to each other, each in our unique American accent. When we told them that we were from Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Syria and several places in the US, they were like: “Hey guys, can we just hang out with you?”.

During our day trip, we took a walk on the pier and then we basically were exploring the main street and its little side streets. The Santa Barbara film festival was going on, so there were a lot of locals and tourists present.

We ate in this really good italian restaurant. Italian food is definitely my favorite food. I ate a pizza with different types of cheeses and I really enjoyed it! In one of my next posts, I’ll share more pictures from the beautiful streets where we walked!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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13 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Pier

  1. maarithelena says:

    Lovely pictures Julie! I haven’t never been in USA, but next autumn we will make a four weeks trip from Finland to North America. We’ve been planning to stay a few days in Santa Barbara. I can’t wait! 🙂

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