Grab yourself a glass of wine


The cool thing about Los Olivos is that all the wineries are pretty close to each other. Most of the people who go there just hop from one winery to another. Every winery has something unique. One had super cool quotes hanging on the walls, another one had a photo booth and cupcakes and another one had a beautiful garden. There is a perfect winery for everyone! You just have to explore the area and find the one that you like the best! 😉

DSC_3538-2kopie DSC_3524-2kopie DSC_3515-2kopie DSC_3159-2kopie DSC_3134-2kopie DSC_3114-2kopie DSC_3083-2kopie

Can you tell what this piece of art represents? I had a hard time seeing it, and in the end Paul and Stacy just had to tell me what is was!


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