Marathon #2: Rock ‘n Roll San Diego


On┬áSaturday, I started the day off with this fun event in Hermosa Beach, called FitFest. It’s basically a way for the city of Hermosa Beach to promote a healthy lifestyle. You get a team of 4 together and go by about 10 different booths/gyms to do a little 5-10 minute workout. We went from cross train routines, to yoga, to rope slams, to monkey bars to tire flips and it was awesome! My gym, Afterburn Fitness had a booth too, so naturally my team that consisted of Afterburnies loved that little workout!

Anyway, after this event in the morning I took a quick shower and headed out to San Diego where I would pick up my race packet. Continue reading

Marathon Training: Week 6

GUYS! I’M RUNNING A MARATHON THIS WEEKEND! I can’t believe that I’m actually doing this. I feel like I’m ready and I’m actually super excited for this. I’m picking up my race bib on Saturday and I’ve never been in Ventura (I think), so I’m excited to see the area.

I decided to not take classes this week (not only because I don’t want to overdo or injure myself this week, but also because I’m so freaking busy and I just can’t squeeze in the full hour workouts this week. I am doing this thing called May Madness in which I have to do 500 burpees, 5000 abs and 100 miles in the month of May and my goal was to finish that off this week, so here is what I did… Continue reading

Marathon Training: Week 4

My marathon weekends are almost here and my body is ready for them to be here, so I can take some much needed rest days.

I took Interval X, but I gave up halfway through. Waking up at 3am both Saturday and Sunday and not being able to sleep till late at night started kicking in and I was just exhausted. I tried really hard to stay, but the lack of sleep in combination with running my half so fast, just didn’t let me do what I wanted to do. I stretched for half an hour and felt way better after. Continue reading

Marathon Training: Week 2

I finished my second week of marathon training on Sunday and it was a pretty intense week for me in which I really tried to push my limits (especially in the running department)!

Monday: I was so sore from my long Sunday morning run, that I decided to not do anything and just take a full REST day. It felt great to just listen to my body and to not overdo it! Continue reading

Marathon Training: Week 1


Week 1 of my marathon training is done and let me tell you, it was an active week. My diet wasn’t exactly on point, but that’s something I’m going to work on next week for sure. I did work out a lot (about 8 hours) and I can see my body change in a positive way!

I started the day off with a 7mi stroller run. I’m an au pair during the day, and I’m used to walking around with the stroller. I knew I wanted to fit in a run and didn’t feel like waking up before sunrise, so to add some resistance I ran while pushing the stroller. At night I took Interval X, a circuit training class, at the gym.
Run details: 7 mi | 1:03:21 | pace: 9’02” | elevation: 48 ft

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