Long eyelashes & freckles

Bath (2 of 4)

Slaiden loves the water. He probably asks me if he can go take a bath about 5 times a day and when he’s in it’s hard to get him out of the water. Since our bathroom is a pretty clear space with white backgrounds and I don’t really have anything to do but to watch him while he’s playing in the water, I decided to take some cute head shots of him being a busy bee in the tub.  Continue reading

He’s almost a big brother

Maternity BW (6 of 10)

I’ve been wanting to do a really cool shoot with Stacy and Slaiden for a while now and this week we finally found the perfect time to do it! We went over to Veterans Park in Redondo Beach and took a couple of quick shots. We forgot to bring quarters for the parking meter so we literally had like 15 minutes to get the shots done. I had all kinds of things in mind for the pictures, so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem to do the shoot in little time.  Continue reading


Pinkberry (2 of 4)

Normally I go to Pinkberry every week. It’s a thing for Slaiden and I. We both love to try the different flavors and pick out our favorite toppings. I’m usually choosing for half coconut and half chocolate hazelnut flavor. If you haven’t tried it before, you should try it! It tastes amazing! Continue reading

Horseback riding shooting

Yesterday I went to a town near Salamanca to take pictures of my friend Katy while she was horseback riding! It was a really sunny day and I actually really enjoyed being outside for the morning while listening to the sound of the birds and the horses!

I took about 200 pictures but this is my top 10! My favourite one is the fifth one, because you really see Katy and her horse in action! What’s your favourite one? 😉

CSC_2003CSC_2014 CSC_2008 CSC_2017    CSC_2027 CSC_2015CSC_2019CSC_2025CSC_2018CSC_2034

B&W-photography Porto & Lisboa

Hello everyone!

Those last couple of days have been pretty busy for me. First there was Semana Santa. I benefited from the free days I had to travel to Lisbon and Porto with some friends. I actually had a very nice time there.

This is what you can expect in the following days: 2 hostel reviews, my photographer’s eye on Porto and Lisbon, a review on both the cities and maybe some other personal stuff.

I’ll start this week with some black and white pictures that I took in Lisboa. Enjoy xoxo

Lisboa y Porto 086 Lisboa y Porto 150 Lisboa y Porto 238 Lisboa y Porto 302 Lisboa y Porto 304 Lisboa y Porto 305 Lisboa y Porto 308 Lisboa y Porto 312 Lisboa y Porto 313 Lisboa y Porto 314 Lisboa y Porto 316 Lisboa y Porto 449

Original B&W Photography

Original B&W Photography

Since I was done working early today, and because I didn’t post anything on my blog yet, I decided to look for some inspiration on Pinterest. This is my picture of the day. It was taken on the right moment, which is what I love about photography. If the brush would have been a little higher or lower, the photograph would have lost its effect.

As I probably told you in a previous post allready, I’m in love with black and white photography. It makes everything seem so much more elegant!