Pinkberry (2 of 4)

Normally I go to Pinkberry every week. It’s a thing for Slaiden and I. We both love to try the different flavors and pick out our favorite toppings. I’m usually choosing for half coconut and half chocolate hazelnut flavor. If you haven’t tried it before, you should try it! It tastes amazing!

Slaiden used to eat just 2 spoons and take like 10 minutes to eat each one. Now he just steals my spoon and eats as much as he can, and that goes way faster with 2 spoons! He’s getting such a big boy and always tries telling me exactly what he wants. He doesn’t always use real words, but we happen to understand him, which is the most important thing! The one I love is that before he starts eating the yogurt, he always picks out the fruits first, as you can see in the last picture.

Because the Pinkberry we have is such a modern little spot with lots of light inside, I decided to take my camera last time and snap some pictures of Slaiden doing his thing. I just love the combination of the white and the green in that space! It looks amazing!

What’s your favorite froyo flavor?


Pinkberry (4 of 4)Pinkberry (3 of 4)Pinkberry (1 of 4)

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