Little guy, big trees

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Have you ever been watching something that made you think how amazing nature is? I was watching Slaiden run in between all these trees that were 10 or 20 times taller than he is and it just amazed me. Those trees are probably hundreds of years old and have many more years to live, while this is all so new still for Slaiden. In the 19 months of his life he has been to lots of places and he has seen many things, but he hasn’t been climbing in lots of trees yet. Getting the chance to do this in Moss City was amazing.Β 

I’ve never been a really girly girl. One of my sisters and I always liked it better to build camps, play with cars and climb in trees. We were not the kind of girls that would play with dolls. My youngest sister was, but even she liked to get dirty from time to time. Anyway, when I was young we had this little spot behind our house (I don’t know what to call it; it was like a forest but really small), where there were really old trees and all kinds of cool shapes. We used to go there and climb as high as we could! I also built my own tree house in one of them. To get in I would climb on the ladder and once I was up high I’d pull up the ladder so my sisters couldn’t come in. Our garden separated from this property by very tall bushes. One day my sister and I decided we wanted to build a connection between the tree house and a tree that was actually sitting in our garden. We put all kinds of cords there to connect the trees and once we were done we called our little sister, who was maybe 5 at the time. We told her to climb from one tree to the other, as we didn’t want to test it ourselves! She fell in between the bushes and was stuck in the branches of the bushes. My sister and I thought it was really funny, but as you can imagine my youngest sister didn’t really agree! πŸ˜‰

It’s moments like those that I remember from my childhood. The best memories were made playing outside. We had this spy club with the girls next door where we would hide in the plants of strangers’ gardens and we would challenge to run through their garden to the house and back (which was very naughty, but it gave us so much adrenaline and we were just kids so we didn’t mean to do anything wrong!), we would build fords with old sheets and umbrella’s, we would go play with the kids in the street and sometimes someone would do a little performance in their garage and everyone would go watch it… I can keep going and I must say I’ve had a very happy childhood.

What I really want to say is that the best memories were made outside of the house, playing in the woods, just like Slaiden is doing in the pictures. Hopefully he’ll return there someday when he’s a little older and make even better memories.

What’s your happiest memory from your childhood?


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10 thoughts on “Little guy, big trees

    • juliecrombe says:

      It makes me sad that kids these days are spending so much time inside on their little iPads and stuff. I always try to take Slaiden to parks where he can just run around and interact with other kids!

  1. Mariska ❞ says:

    These photo’s are gorgeous, really natural. I like it very much.
    Me and my sister loved playing outside as well, with other kids in the street we liked to play simple ball games or play hide in seek in the small wood-areas we had near our homes. One of my favorite memories is from an afternoon of secrecy. πŸ˜‰ We all met up somewhere to make a fire, I was the youngest. We were all about nine to thirteen or fourteen years old. We made fake soup, just some water, flowers and potatoes from the land in a pot on the fire. We just sat there, knowing we were doing something our parents would disagree of. It was really fun πŸ™‚

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