Garifunas in Cayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos (25 of 32)

While taking the tour through the islands and cays of Cayos Cochinos we ate fresh fish, prepared by the locals. The local garifunas live in these little huts on one of the cays where they cook various fish dishes for all the tourists who come visiting them. I loved seeing how the little black kids were leading such simple yet happy lives. 

They basically are in the water all day long and play with what they find in the sand. It’s beautiful leading a lifestyle like that and being happy with little. It makes me question if kids really need that much toys, a playstation or any tv at all. Kids like the kids on the island are way more open and social because talking to people and selling them little bracelets is what makes them happy. Such a different life than how I and many others grew up.

I feel like kids who grow up in situations where the parents aren’t that rich, are often way more creative. I’m not saying that the kids who grow up in more luxurious situations are not, but they don’t have to do too much effort to find something they like. If they want to build a castle, they just get their legos that are stored next to all their other toys. If the kids on the island want to build a castle they have to go look for wood and leaves and make a super cool ford. I hope that during my time as an au pair I can take Slaiden on many adventures that don’t involve money. I can’t wait for him to be old enough to start building camps together! I loved doing that as a kid. I could spend hours in the tree house I built and in the camps I built using old umbrellas and sheets.

All those memories I have from my childhood seem so long ago, but I’m happy to think back about the way I grew up. I didn’t realize it back then, but those were the days! When you’re a kid and you can spend the summer outside in your garden, doing whatever you want to do in the beauty of nature, without having to worry about anything in life, that’s just pure happiness. 

Have you ever been to a place that wasn’t as developed as the place where you grew up? What were your feelings about this?


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5 thoughts on “Garifunas in Cayos Cochinos

  1. Mariska ❞ says:

    Many times, this is sometimes difficult to see. But I always try to see the positive things. Like this:
    Many of those families are very happy together without all the luxury and technology we grew up with. Most people of our generation have forgotten to share real moments. They are stuck behind their tablets and phones, playing mind-numbing games. Our kids have a lack of creativity and imagination. Those kids still have that. They are free to travel to Paris, sail with a pirate captain or fly south with the pelicans when winter comes. We used to do that. Kids from the digital age are lost and bored without television and computer games. That is a real tragedy.
    Some people may not have money, but have something more important than that!

  2. Hope (@NannyShecando) says:

    Oh those photos are gorgeous – sounds like you definitely had a memorable holiday. When I was a little girl we went to Fiji, and it was much the same experience as it was for you. I remember as a young kid making friends and playing with the little fijian kids, was so special. And yes it’s true – take away the luxuries and kids will explore their imagination!

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