Water games

Slaiden & Mia (8 of 9)

A little while ago we were invited by the neighbors to watch football together. It’s a little tradition that started last year and it’s fun because Slaiden and their little girl, Mia, are the same age and they love to hang out together. When I saw that they were playing together in the water, I just had to snap some pics! 

As you guys know already, I love black and white pictures. It gives a photo so much more character. In this case I love how the first picture has this vintage look. It almost looks like it could be one of those pictures I’d find in my mom’s baby pictures box. I love how much Mia is concentrating on spraying Slaiden and how he has his cute little smiling face on! So precious!

Happy weekend everyone!


Slaiden & Mia (6 of 9)Slaiden & Mia (7 of 9)Slaiden & Mia (5 of 9)

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