He’s almost a big brother

Maternity BW (6 of 10)

I’ve been wanting to do a really cool shoot with Stacy and Slaiden for a while now and this week we finally found the perfect time to do it! We went over to Veterans Park in Redondo Beach and took a couple of quick shots. We forgot to bring quarters for the parking meter so we literally had like 15 minutes to get the shots done. I had all kinds of things in mind for the pictures, so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem to do the shoot in little time. 

Slaiden is gonna be a big brother in 7 weeks and he couldn’t be more excited. Whenever he sees his mommy he wants to touch her belly and give kisses to his little baby brother. I don’t think he really gets that this is a real baby that’s gonna be in his house at all times, but I’m trying to get him prepared for the big day by letting him play with the littler babies at the park and he gets gentler and sweeter with them every day.

What do you think of the idea of taking pictures of an only child and his mom right before he’s gonna be a big brother? Do you think it’s a good idea to put them both in the spotlight before their life is gonna change? I think they loved to spend time together! Can’t wait to take some family pictures of the 3 of them this weekend!


Maternity BW (7 of 10) Maternity BW (9 of 10)Maternity BW (10 of 10)Maternity BW (8 of 10)Maternity BW (1 of 10)

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