Hello Twenty Sixteen!

 I want 2016 to be the best year yet. That’s my main goal for the new year every year.

2015 was an amazing year. With baby Strider being born on January 1st and Slaiden turning 2 a couple of weeks after I got to nanny these 2 amazing boys for a full year. I went on some amazing trips and adventures such as making a road trip through Utah, Wyoming and Montana; visiting Portland; going back to my home country, Belgium and much more. I finished my Personal Training certificate in college and got a job at the most amazing gym.

I can easily say that 2015 was great. I accomplished a lot of things I wanted to accomplish, got to know a bunch of great people and I was really happy and in a good place all year.

Twenty sixteen is going to be interesting to say the least. It’s going to have amazing moments but it’s going to be a year of saying goodbye too. My US visa is valid till July and then I’ll have to say goodbye to all the wonderful people I’ve met over the last couple of months and years and to the 2 little boys who I love as if they were my own. It’s weird to think how a baby and a toddler can have such a big impact on someone’s life. Leaving them will be the most heart breaking thing I’ve experienced till now, I’m sure. But let’s not think about that and let’s just concentrate on them having fun and us building memories together.

Health wise my goal this year is to run a full marathon and to tone up. For the marathon and running in general I plan to become a better runner by incorporating more cross training in my training plan. I’m participating in this awesome body transformation challenge at Afterburn Fitness in Manhattan Beach, starting January 24th in which you can win $20,000. It’s an awesome challenge in groups of 3. You get points for taking classes at the gym, coming to the awesome weekend events and for body fat percentage lost / amount of pounds lost OR amount of muscle mass added. I’m not in it for the money, but for the changes i’ll see on my body and for the habit of working out several times a week I’ll get into. If you’re local you should definitely check it out!

Travel wise my goal is to be more spontaneous. I just got a car a couple of weeks ago and I want to ‘just go’ more often. California is such a beautiful place to live and before having to go back to Europe I want to be able to say that I did everything I wanted to do in at least this beautiful state. Even just driving to LA and visiting the Getty Museum or doing a beautiful hike 30 minutes from my house are considered adventures to me, so I hope to see and photograph a lot this year!

What are your resolutions for the new year? I’d love to know some of them and get inspired by what inspires you!


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