Dreaming back of my exchange year through my scrapbook pages

Honduras collage

Today I had a day off at work and I decided to get me some me-time which for me is doing things that I haven’t done in a while such as rewatching my scrapbooks. This time I decided to look back at the scrapbook I made of my exchange year in Honduras in 2009-2010. I so love looking back at pictures and remembering the moments I experienced back then. That’s why I still try to always print my pictures because I don’t get the same feeling about those pictures if I watch them online.

When scrapbooking I love using quotes so I want to start off this post with a quote that I really love:

Travel is more than
the seeing of sights;
it is a change that goes on,
deep and permanent,
in the ideas of living.
– Miriam Beard Page

Actually this quote is a true story for everyone who travels, but especially for the ones who stay in the same place on the other side of the world for a large period of time.

On the big picture in the collage you can see another one of these quotes that I love and that’s actually the first page of my album. I still see that year as a moment in my life where a lot has changed and I wouldn’t want to change that because it may have been the best year of my life in some way. The picture that I used is one of me and my host brother. I took this picture of our eyes because somehow it shows the cultural difference between us. You clearly see the eyes of a latin boy and the eyes of someone who clearly is not latin at all (read: blonde and blue eyes).

The picture on top is one of me with my ‘compañeras de clase’ (school mates) in our little uniform. I always felt like some Scottish girl with that skirt that I had to wear! I changed school once during that year, but I must say I have had amazing times on that first school and go to know really nice people too!

The picture that follows is the front page of my album. For that page I put some real Honduran money (lempiras) on top together with some quotes and nice images! I loved designing this page!

The next picture is the start of the party chapter of my book. When you’re 18 years old and you have the chance to live 1 year without your parents you must enjoy every second of it! I was so lucky with my first host family to have brothers and sisters of my age who took me out and I met a lot of people thanks to them. I also got along really well with the other exchange students who lived in my city. They were all German and I still carry them in my heart! Last year when I went back to Honduras 2 of them were there at the same time as I was and it was so fun to hang out again!

After that you see a nice picture of the beautiful beaches of the islands close the country. I love Utila and Roatan and people who love scuba diving should definitely go there because they say it’s the nicest and cheapest place to learn it!

The beaches are followed by a picture of me and my little host sister! Being a year from home also means opening up to a new family for a year! I have lived in 3 different families and all of the people who gave me the chance the live with them were truly amazing! When I go back I always stay with my 3rd and last host family and I especially love my little sister! I have known her since she was a baby and I have always loved her so much! It’s so fun to be an example to a kid! She’s so cute and wants to imitate me all the time!

The next picture shows me hitting a piñata! I chose to put that picture in the collage because I wanted to tell you guys that being on an exchange year is also opening up to the habits of another country. I had never seen a piñata before but it’s so fun! It’s like a figure filled up with candy and they put it up when it’s someone’s birthday. And then the birthday girl or boy has to smash it until it opens up and then everyone has to take as much candy off the floor as possible! So fun! I definitely want to do that again someday! Too bad that it’s not something that Belgians do!

On the last picture you see me with my classmates of my second school. In the background of those pages of the scrapbook I put drawings on the left that I was always making during class if the Spanish talking became too much for me. Sometimes I really lost my concentration and I couldn’t listen anymore. It sounds strange but I’m sure I’m not the only person who ever experienced that. It’s just hard to always try to understand everything people tell you in another language! On the right page you see some notes of mine in the background. I think that during that year I changed my handwriting about 3 times because at school I was just writing all the time without really getting what they were talking about and then after class I would read about it and look up the words so I got what I wrote down.

Who has been on an exchange year? Can you find yourself in what I wrote about it?


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