Childhood memories in a little box


When I was younger I went to the scouts which is called chiro in Belgium. I went every Sunday to participate in all the nice activities the monitors prepared for us.

The best 10 days of the year were always the big camp in August! For 10 days we were living in tents, washing ourselves in the river, playing outside and building tree houses all day, being all dirty thanks to mud and paint… For a child like me these things were like a dream come true!

Now it has been 10 years that I’m not in the Chiro anymore, but my sister still is. Right now she is on that camp I was talking about and she asked me (and all her friends) to write her a letter! I decided to send her a little package full of the only thing that is not allowed on the camp: CANDY! I feel so sneaky and I love this!

I accompanied the candy box with a letter! This is so oldschool but admit it, everyone loves to get letters! I didn’t want it to be the kind of letter full of questions about how she was doing cause I wouldn’t get an answer anyway! That’s why I made this a letter based on a nice quote about camping that I stole from Pippa Middleton!

Who else loves to do these kind of sneaky things like sending out a package like I did? Who went to girl or Boy Scouts? Lets share these experiences together!


2 thoughts on “Childhood memories in a little box

  1. ingrid77e says:

    Your words are lovely, they make me feel nostalgic but happy 🙂 I don’t have Instagram but of course I’ve followed you, I couldn’t miss those lovely words of yours.

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