Popular Instagram Posts May – Part 1

IG mei 1

I decided to share my most popular Instagram pictures of the month with you. I’m going to try to do this every month, and for the month of May I will have to do it in two times, because I had more ‘popular’ pictures than I expected. My definition of a popular IG-picture is every picture with more than 10 likes. It may sound silly and totally not popular if you compare it with pictures of some of the bloggers I follow that have about 5000 likes, but still, everyone has to start somewhere, isn’t it?!

In this post I’m going to give you some more information about the 9 P-pictures that I selected.

1. The first picture is a picture of a dame blanche (vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce) topped with some strawberries. I usually try to eat clean, but everyone needs a yolomeal now and then, so this was my sugary snack while working on my graduation project. Since I was still in Spain back in May, the weather was nice, and ice cream is always a good idea when it’s sunny!

2. The second picture is a shot that I took of my camera. I went taking pictures that day with my friend so I could post my OOTD on my blog. It was so sunny that day that I decided to wear a yellow summer skirt. We went to the most amazing park and took some pictures. I wore a shirt that I bought in Blanco, a skirt from Zara and a bag from Primark.

3. On the third picture you can see me in my work-out outfit. I started Blogilates in May, but since I travelled a bit too last month I couldn’t keep up with the calendar. I hope that I can complete the June-On-Fire-calendar though! I’ll go for it! The person after Blogilates is so inspiring and sweet! I love her Instagram too because her posts inspire me and motivate me not to give up!

4. In Spain I always tried to eat lots of vegetables. On this plate you can find avocado, tomato, zucchini, onions and red peppers. I love vegetables! They are so yummie and I always feel great after I eat them!

5. The next picture shows the new studded sandals that I bought in Spain. I bought them in a shop called Marypaz. You can find these shops everywhere in Spain. I also wore a Zara-shirt and an Abercrombie&Fitch-short.

6. Photo number 6 is one of those #tb (for those who are not using Instagram yet, it means throwback!) pictures. It’s a picture taken in Honduras last summer. On the picture you can see me with my beautiful host sister Michelle. I painted the room where I always sleep when I visit them all pink so that Michelle can sleep there when she gets a little bigger. After painting it, it looked adorable! It looked like a princess-room. When the DIY’er in me was done, we decided to do a little photo shoot. The kid is so fun to take pictures with! I’m sure she’s going to be a model when she grows up!

7. The seventh picture is another #ootd-picture. I bought the whole outfit in Zara and the brand of the bag is Yves Renard.

8. I posted picture number 8 on Mother’s Day. The picture was taken in Mexico in 2011. This means that it was another #tb-picture! Back there, we went to a bar and the local camarero gave all of us a big sombrero. We decided to take a family picture of it. On the picture you can see me in the middle with my sister on the left and my mom on the right! My dad and youngest sister were also there, but since Instagram only accepts squared pictures, I had to cut them off!

9. The last picture was one of me tanning in the park while reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Actually I finished the whole trilogy of Fifty Shades and I loved them all. I liked the second book the best (I read it in one day!). Just reading in the park was something I loved doing while I was in Spain. In Belgium I never find the time to do something like that. I’ve always loved reading, so I decided to make time for that more often now.

This was my first ‘Popular Instagram Posts’-post. Let me know if you liked it and if I should continue sharing this by liking this post. If you want to see everything I post on IG you can also just start following me on there. My IG-name is juliecrombe.


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