Work-out essentials: Natura Health Products (+ giveaway)


I mentioned the Natura products that I was using in a previous post about my running essentials, but I didn’t really share all the information about the product because I was still in the starting phase of using the products. That’s why I decided to write a full article about it today. Keep reading if you want to know more about these products and if you want to make a chance to win them.

Natura Health Products is a company that specializes in the creation of nutritional medicine. I tested Amino-Max, Power Adapt and Botanabol and I was so satisfied with the effect they had on me.

Amino-Max is a product that aids anabolic metabolism, builds cellular energy, promotes healthy blood sugar metabolism and supports cardiovascular health. I always took 3 capsules before and after my run.

Power Adapt is a product that builds core energy, protects your body against stress, elevates mental and physical performance, improves stamina (this means that you can perform longer) and that optimizes your energy levels in general. I put 2 ml of this product in my water before and after my run.

Botanabol is a product that helps you build strength and endurance, promotes anabolic metabolism, supports bone health and optimizes recovery time. I always took 2 Botanabol capsules both before and after my run.

Before using these products I would always get very tired after I ran. I’d wake up by 6 or 6:15 in the morning to run and my body would be crazy tired by lunch time. When I started taking the combination of these products I didn’t only feel like I was more energized, I also started running longer distances, without feeling exhausted.

I don’t know if any of you have heart of Timothy Allen Olson, but he is a top runner who is using Natura products on a daily basis. This guy runs 50 miles and makes it sound and look easy. He has been traveling the world and tries to run every single day, which I admire so much. You should for sure check out his blog. Looking at his pictures inspires and motivates me and reading his stories makes me happy because of all the positivity he has in everything he’s sharing.

To end this review I have a surprise for all the fit people who are reading this. I’ve teamed up with Natura Health Products and they have given me the chance to provide one of you guys with the products I talked about in this post. The only thing you have to do in order to get entered in this giveaway is to follow my blog and to leave a note with your email address in the comments below. I’ll announce the winner on June 1st.


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