USC School of Cinematic Arts


Paul, Slaiden’s dad, had been telling me lots of amazing stories of his years as a USC student and on Monday he decided to take a drive to the school to show Slaiden and me around. I was so excided, because USC is a really famous school and it was used as a shooting location for several movies such as Forrest Gump, The Girls Next Door and What Women Want.

I decided to take my camera, of course, to snap some pictures of both the school and this proud USC dad with his baby boy. I feel like people in the US are always really proud of the school they went to. They carry the memories of the time they spent there in their heart and when they grow older they often donate money to the school or the fraternity they were part of.

The Cinematic Art division of the school was my absolute favorite part. The buildings were gorgeous and I truly felt like I was walking through a film location rather than a school. I loved the architectural style and the beautiful gardens. It’s definitely worth a stop when you are in the neighborhood. They even had a star, just like the ones you see on the Walk of Fame, at the entrance. Such a nice detail!

Slaiden loved running around there and I could see that Paul really enjoyed being back at the school where he met most of his good friends and where he spent the craziest years of his life. Looking at them from a little distance I saw so many great photo opportunities and I’m pretty happy with the pictures I made of them. I love that Slaiden and him were in matching outfits with their SC shirts and I think it was just adorable to see Paul telling all kinds of cool stories to Slaiden about his years there. I wish people in Belgium would be so attached to their schools too. It must be so great as a parent to show your kids where you spend some great moments in your youth!

What school did you go to? Do you still go back every once in a while or do you still cheer for your school’s football team? Do you like the father/son pictures I took on Monday? What do you think of the architectural style of the buildings in the pictures? Let me know in the comments below!


DSC_2990-2 DSC_2993-2DSC_2978-2kopie DSC_2987-2 DSC_2970-2DSC_2967-2 DSC_2984-2

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