Travel typography


This semester I took a couple of art classes and among those was a Lettering and Typography class. For one of the last assignments we had to pick a quote and chose a word that described the quote and we had to present it in a typographic way, which basically means that we couldn’t use images to illustrate the word.

For ‘Wanderlust’ I decided to play around with -lust. My way of thinking was that if I would let the letter flow into each other, the letter would look like roads and roads aren’t always straight. Sometimes roads would end, just like where the T is, but you can always go back and take another way instead. The U illustrates a stop when you are on the S-road. A stop to look around and to enjoy the view.

The quote I chose is a quote from a little book my mom gave me when I went abroad for a year 5 years ago. I never forgot about this quote and I really want to live by it.

I lined up the quote, because I really like clean designs. Designs that look really messy are just not appealing to me. Colorwise I went for the shade of red of my Belgian passport, because I still wanted to stay in the theme and I needed a color that symbolized travel and wanderlust.

What do you think of my typography skills? (Don’t be to hard on me, I’m still a beginner!). I’d love some input of you guys! I’m also really curious to know what your favorite font is!


2 thoughts on “Travel typography

  1. Rachelle Codd says:

    I love it! In my typography class we had to design our own font by hand. I was so hard on myself and thought everything I did was horrible. Now 4 years later I look at some of my work and I’m actually proud. I love how you chose the color and what your design represents is amazing. Keep it up!

    • juliecrombe says:

      Thank you so much, Rachelle, for your sweet comment. I appreciate it so much that you took the time to take a look at my work! I’d love to see your designs!

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