Recipe: Oven baked sweet potato fries


This week is the last week of school, which means lots of pot locks. For my weight lifting class we decided to all bring something healthy, so I decided to get crafty in the kitchen and make these delicious and pretty easy oven baked sweet potato chips. I just recently got these amazing jars at Bormioli Rocco and I thought they were perfect to present my healthy recipes in. What do you think about them? 😉

You only need:

– 2 sweet potatoes
– olive oil
– salt & peper
– basil (or any other flavor you like)

1. Cut the sweet potatoes in little fries (you can leave the skin on if you want)
2. Let them boil in hot water for 5 minutes
3. Season them with olive oil, salt, pepper & basil
4. Bake in the oven for 25 minutes on 385F.
5. Let the fries cool off and enjoy your healthy snack just like that, with some guacamole or some humus 😉

PS. The easiest way to season the fries is to fill a little plastic zip lock bag with a little oil/salt/pepper and to just put a handful of fries in there. After that you can just get them out and put them on your baking sheet.

I always have troubles to make the fries crispy but I’ve seen that the thinner I cut them, the better it works. Let me know how this went for you guys and if you have any tips on how to make the fries more crispy, please let me know!

So sorry for not posting anything for a little while, but as I said, it was the last week of school which was pretty busy and last weekend I ran my half marathon and after that I was to busy tasting wine in Los Olivos to get to the blog! More about that soon in a full post. 😉




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