Workout essentials: My go-to gym bag and the coolest capris

Gym bag - Onzie-4

Today I want to talk about the Gaiam Metro Gym Bag that I’m  not only using as a gym bag, but also as a diaper bag, hand bag and everyday bag. I had been looking for a good gym bag for a while, but I always found something that I didn’t like about the bags that I had before. This one is literally everything I need. It has 2 inside pockets so you can organise everything in there. There is a key holder which I also use to put my gym lock on, it has an outside pocket on the 4 sides and you can close those with magnetic buttons which is great. There is plenty of space inside to store your water, towel, weight training journal, vitamins and wallet and it’s just the most comfortable bag. I like both wearing it over my shoulders and in my hands. The color is pretty neutral too and it’s a nice fit with almost all of the workout clothes I own.  Another great thing about this bag is that it has straps on the bottom for your yoga or fitness mat.

I also use it as a diaper bag for Slaiden. The diaper bag we have is way too big and not really flexible, but this one is so flexible that you can fit it everywhere. I can hang it on the stroller or put it in the little storage compartment under the stroller, which is great. It also fits everything. I usually take reserve clothes in there, snacks, a bottle of water, diapers, wipes, toys… It’s my favorite casual bag and it’s waterproof too, which makes it the perfect bag to take to the beach.

The amazing outfit I’m wearing is from Onzie. They have gorgeous and fashionable workout clothes with really original prints. I love their capris! They are so comfortable that you barely feel like you’re wearing something. The top is very loose but it feels great. The fabric is so soft and the sizing for the pants and tops is great. There are definitely more styles of this brand that are on my wish list (for example this, this and this). The customer service is great too, so that’s definitely a plus! 😉 The only thing that I would advise you is that if you buy one of their sports bras that you go a size up, as they fit pretty small!

What do you think about these products? Would you buy one of those amazing gym bags? What is essential in a gym bag for you? Which Onzie capri style do you like the best?


Gym bag - Onzie-8Gym bag - OnzieGym bag - Onzie-7Gym bag - Onzie-6Gym bag - Onzie-2Gym bag - Onzie-3Gym bag - Onzie-5


Sports bra: Nike
Top: Onzie
Capris: Onzie
Flip flops: Havaianas
Gym bag: Gaiam

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