Beach essentials


Since summer is coming closer and we all like to look good and get inspired, I decided that I’d dedicate today’s post on some of my beach essentials. I live in Redondo Beach, California, and we basically have summery weather all your long, so I have lots of different favorites that I’d take. These are some of my go-to picks!

1. Sincerely Jules ‘Cali’ tee
People who have been following my blog for a while, probably already know that I’m a huge fan of Sincerely Jules and her collection. I met this fabulous girl a couple of months ago and that made me even more supportive of her. She is a hardworking young girl who dreams, believes and achieves and I love buying her T-shirts and sweaters.

2. Zinka Passion Fruit Lip Balm
I always knew that you had to protect your face and body against the sun, but didn’t know that your lips need some extra protection too. I’m always using the Zinka lip balm now, because it not only protects my lips, it also moisturizes them. It tastes great too! 😉

3. Zinka Sunscreen
I love this sunscreen because it’s water resistant, all natural and based out of zinc, which is a good thing for an au pair like me, because it’s perfectly safe for babies too! Also, it comes in a pretty small tube, so you can just keep it in your purse at all times.

4. GoPro Hero 3
I bought this camera about a month ago after I learnt about the great deal they had at Costco. It usually costs 399$ and I only paid 329$ if I remember well. It’s so compact, so it’s way easier to take with me if I go somewhere than always taking my camera. I also love that you can make movies under water with this camera. Definitely a good purchase for someone who’s interested in both photography and film.

5. Karen Walker sunnies
I love the model of these sunnies. They cover my eyes perfectly, and don’t let any sun through. They were rather expensive, but I have no regrets at all.

6. Victoria’s Secret bikini
I love VS bikinis, because unlike other brands, VS has bikinis for people with bigger boobs too. There is a lot of choice in models and patterns and their return policy is great too, so if something doesn’t fit right, you can just bring it back to any of the VS stores.

7. Books & magazines
I love to read the fitness magazine because it’s always full of motivating stories of people who lost a lot of weight or who ran a marathon after months or years of training. It’s also full of tips on how to live a healthier life. I also love to go through my HONY book and to read the captions of the pictures. It makes me feel connected to the people who are pictured in there.

8. Zinka hat
I like this hat because of the color and because of its cool look! I’ll always wear either this one, my UCLA hat or my dodgers hat!

9. Dove deodorant
I like this roller, because it makes me feel fresh all the time and it works for hours!

What are your beach essentials? Let me know in the comments below!


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