Sushi & babies


A couple of weekends ago, our neighbors invited us for sushi. I tried this once and was very sick after, but after seeing how much everyone loves sushi and knowing that our host was Japanese herself, I decided to give it another shot. They bought fresh fish, rice and avocado and the guys actually made the sushi voor the girls. It was delicious! The babies loved the rice too. You can probably imagine that the rice was EVERYWHERE, right?! Eating sushi is difficult for someone like me who never before ate with chopsticks, so I made a pretty big mess myself. In the end I became better at it though and I was so happy to give this meal another try! Can’t wait to have it again!

What’s your experience with sushi?



7 thoughts on “Sushi & babies

  1. John says:

    Interesting that you became ill after eating this. Apparently though, your neighbor knows how to prepare it. Maybe they sprinkled Lemon on it too. Any way you look at it, it’s still raw meat. My wife and I would eat Sushi only if we were literally starving.

  2. Bunny Eats Design says:

    I love sushi. I have never gotten sick from it, if it is not fresh, it will taste horrible and the seaweed will have a bad texture so stay away!

    I’ve only made sushi once though. I think I prefer to leave it to the professionals. Better sushi and more variety. I like to have many kinds of sushi on my plate, not so easy when you are making them yourself.

  3. cerikson says:

    Personally, I love eating sushi, except that it can be a bit expensive to do as often as I would like. I have never made it myself before.

    You may have just had some bad fish the first time that you had it. I’m glad that you gave it another shot and enjoyed it!

  4. Mariska ❞ says:

    I actually don’t eat fish at all. Raw fish I won’t even try because I know it would end with my face down the toilet.. But some friends made chicken sushi for me once, so I could eat with them and actually have the feeling I was eating the same thing. It was not the best meal I ever had, lacked a bit of taste, but I liked it because it is fun to eat! 😉
    Today’s post: Living sushi 😉

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