Live music at the wineries


Something that I didn’t mention before was that some wineries did an amazing job at letting people stay on their property. The first winery we visited was Sunstone. When we went up there, I was amazed by the beautiful entrance. You literally had to drive all the way up between the vineyards, which was gorgeous. Then you had to walk under a beautiful tree door and then you were welcomed by a band who was bringing live music. What I loved was that you would get your tasting and you’d be able to walk outside with your glass of wine in the hand, singing along with the band. They were performing songs that everyone knows. I remember that they were singing ”Somewhere over the rainbow…”. And when you hear a song like that you can’t just listen, you know what I mean?! At least I’m like that. I just want to sing out loud! 😉

Have you ever been impressed by a good live band? Which one was it? Let me know in the comments below!


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