All smiles


A little while ago I went to the park with Slaiden and his girl next door, Mia (and her parents). I remember when they first met each other they were both so tiny and they didn’t really interact. Now that they both turned 1 and they are walking they actually start liking each other and they want to play together. I really like to watch babies (or should we call them toddlers already?!) because it’s funny to see how they all like the same things. They like to get dirty in the sand, they like eating the sand and they love getting off the slides. Slaiden actually likes running off the slides which is pretty dangerous, so I always have to keep both eyes open when I take him to the park. (Has anyone else experienced something like this before? What did you do about it?)

I took some pictures in the park and I think it’s kinda cute how they were just staring and laughing at each other while riding their little cars. It made my heart melt. I’m so lucky to be part of the life of the little guy and to see how much he’s growing in everything he does. He’s just such a sweetheart and I feel blessed to be taking care of him and to be learning him new things everyday. Being an au pair is definitely a rewarding job. I’m not only living in a beautiful California beach town, but I’m also getting lots of love everyday. What else could I wish for?! 😉

Have you experienced how babies grow so much in everything they do in so little time? What’s your favorite place to take your baby/cousin/niece or nephew to? Let me know in the comments below!


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