Health essentials: Maty’s Healthy Products


A little while ago, I decided for myself that I would start living a healthier lifestyle. Every since starting school, I have a pretty busy schedule. I take care of the baby during the day, rush to school in the nights, make sure I follow my running schedule 5 days a week and do homework whenever I find the time. When everything feels like a rush in your life (Don’t understand me wrong, I love the life I’m living and I chose to be so busy!), a good night of sleep is extremely important.

I have always been a bad sleeper. I used to barely need any sleep. I was ok with sleeping 6 hours a night, but after I got mono/Pfeiffer’s disease about 6 years ago, I started needing much more sleep, which was a hard thing for me. The amount of hours you sleep is part of your lifestyle and suddenly I had 2 hours less to be productive during the day. 

A couple of weeks ago I started using some products of the assortment offered by Maty’s Healthy Products. What I love about this brand is that the products they make are 100% natural and if you would check out the ingredients the product contains you would probably recognize most of them. You basically know what your using, when choosing for this brand, which makes it pretty unique.


The All Natural Vapor Rub was my favorite of the products I tried. It provides cough and nasal relief while strengthening your immune system. It’s made from products, such as coconut oil and Eucalyptus and it smells amazing. When you put it on your body, you immediately feel the effect which is great. For some reason it also calms me down and puts me to sleep more easily.


The second product I tried was the Breathe Better Nasal Ointment. This product is great for nasal nighttime support, is all natural and was really helpful for me, because I always either have a runny or a stuffed nose! I didn’t really like the smell of this one, but the effect was truly wonderful, so this products became a must for me too!

I highly recommend you to start using these products if you are having the same issues like I used to have. The products pretty cheap and very effective. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below, and I’ll try to answer them!

Hope you all had a great day!


2 thoughts on “Health essentials: Maty’s Healthy Products

  1. andy1076 says:

    I’ve always had trouble getting enough sleep, waking up middle of the night or just downright restless, even with Melatonin. Will look into these, Thank you! 🙂

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