Beach discoveries


The best thing about living in California is having the beach on walking distance of your home. I love to go to the beach and just hang out, even on a less sunny day. I’m taking a photography class and we have to practice taking pictures outside. The teacher told us to always either go out before 10 in the morning or after 4pm in order to take the best pictures. When the sun is shining too bright, the pictures don’t turn out as good as when it’s overcast.

Anyway, with this photography assignment in mind, I went to the beach with Slaiden and his parents. I often take him myself, and it’s so much fun, but it’s impossible to take a descent picture with him, when I have nobody else to help me. When I’m alone, Slaiden runs away into the water and by the time I’m all set to take that perfect shot, he is either too close to the water or he ran to the other side, with the result that I would have to run like a crazy girl to catch him, with my camera, camera bag, hand bag and a diaper bag on me. You hear it, it’s mission impossible! One time, I dropped the lens cap and it was full of sand, so I couldn’t put it back on the camera till I was home. It was then that I decided that being alone with him on the beach is a too big of a challenge to put my gear at risk.

With that said, I was happy to be able to take some nice pictures of the little guy, enjoying the fresh air at the beach. I love just watching what he does and where he goes. Isn’t it funny that babies always want to taste everything they find on the floor? Imagine that we all would do that! 😉 On this little beach walk, Slaiden had some bites of sand and some seaweed! Delicious! 😉





14 thoughts on “Beach discoveries

  1. Edey says:

    Such beautiful shots. It’s so true about taking pics at those times of day. I’m no professional photographer, but I’ve witnessed that about the sun being too bright etc.

    Lol @mission impossible line…

    I’ve considered taking photography classes… It’s just to find this time (lame excuse Eden)

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