Happy faces

Cayos Cochinos (20 of 32)

Good morning guys!

I hope everyone is having a great start of the new week! I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of August. Summer flew by! Next week I’m starting school again and this semester I’m taking one photography class and a bunch of classes to get my personal trainer certificate. So excited for all that! 

Today is the last post of my trip to Cayos Cochinos and watching the pictures I took I wish I could go back. The kids on the island were just so cute and loving and I loved hanging out on this beautiful place. Honduras and all its islands will always be special to me. Even though people often only see the danger of this country, I love to be there, surrounded by friends and family. It makes me happy, helps me reevaluate myself and helps me to zone out for a little while. 

I bought a necklace and bracelet for Slaiden from the little girl in the pink dress as she was so cute! Slaiden is always in my heart, so I wanted to bring him a little souvenir! He’s wearing his necklace everyday now and he looks just adorable wearing it! Such a cute detail to make him look even cuter than he already is!

I hope you enjoyed my posts about Cayos Cochinos. I had such a blast visiting this hidden paradise!

If you go to a new place, what do you like better? Taking pictures of people or of the place itself?


Cayos Cochinos (19 of 32)Cayos Cochinos (15 of 32) Cayos Cochinos (22 of 32)Cayos Cochinos (18 of 32)Cayos Cochinos (24 of 32)

6 thoughts on “Happy faces

    • juliecrombe says:

      It is very sad! The more touristic places are pretty safe though! Cayos Cochinos, Roatan and Utila are perfect spots for a relaxing week of vacation and you won’t have to worry about being unsafe. The inland where I lived 5 years ago is another story, but once you find good friends who look out for you, you are being protected by them and the people there are so kind and amazing that you forget about the bad things that happen there.

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I’m always taking photos. My wife says some times you have to put down the camera to really experience a place or the people. She’s right but still….

  2. Mariska ❞ says:

    Lovely portraits! I try to photograph a little bit of everything which is impossible because I always get caught up in this one subject that I love in that instant. So I forget the rest 😛

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