#OOTD: Comfy/casual sightseeing outfit


A couple of weeks ago an American friend of mine visited me here in Belgium! She was only here from Saturday night till Tuesday morning so we didn’t have that much time but I still wanted to show her some nice spots in my country! We visited Brugge (Bruges), Brussel (Brussels) and Gent (Ghent) which is the city where I live.

The best way to go from one city to another in Belgium is by train. My friend Makara took some pictures of me down at the station and this was the result!

As it was a really hot day the day we wanted to go sightseeing I chose to wear a comfy dress with my converse shoes and I topped the outfit with a nice hat! Like that I even felt more like a tourist in my country cause as the top accessory I put my Nikon around my neck! 100% TOURIST… 😉

I’ll soon write a post about each city we visited together so keep checking the blog! 😉

Which pictures did you like the most? The ones in color or the sepia ones?

Let me know in the comments below!


DSC_4079DSC_4081DSC_4080DSC_4082 DSC_4078

Dress: TwentyOne
Denim jacket: Stradivarius
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: Forever21
Hat: Levi’s

4 thoughts on “#OOTD: Comfy/casual sightseeing outfit

  1. Alba Betancourt says:

    Oh, Belgium, so nice!!!! This post makes me miss my train rides from Holland to Belgium so much! I read your about me and I’ve had a look through some of your recent post, loving your blog, absolutely following! x

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