My first purchase at Zalando


Today’s post is a review about a webshop, namely Zalando. It all started in 2008 as a shoe shop in Germany. As the organization was really successful since the beginning, they decided to expand to other countries as well and they also decided to offer more than just shoes.

Today they offer clothes, shoes, sport gear, bags and accessories, but also decoration for making your house a beautiful home!

I decided to try out the services of Zalando by ordering some new products for my work-outs, because like that I keep myself motivated to go on! 😉

I thought I would be able to make a fast choice, but the amount of clothes, shoes and other work-out products that they offer is enormous! They have every possible sports brand that you can imagine, which made it difficult for me because I wanted to buy way more than my budget allowed me!

In the end I decided to buy a short from Nike (dry-fit) in yellow, as I’m planning to buy some yellow neon shoes too (but a little later!). I also bought a yoga block as I have been reading a lot about that on work-out-blogs. (It was really cheap too (less than € 10), so I couldn’t NOT buy it!)

I ordered my stuff on Thursday evening and got it right after the weekend, which seems really fast to me! You can follow your order as well on their website, so for the control freaks among us who would want to know where in the world the package is located, you can see it online! Everything was packed in a nice box, which makes sure that nothing you ordered gets damaged. In the box I found my invoice as well as a discount code of € 10. This makes me want to order another something right away and it’s a nice surprise that is kind of unexpected! There was also a third paper in the box on which they explained how to return the goods in case they didn’t fit, so everything on that was also clear, even though I didn’t need it!


For the people who I didn’t convince yet to visit their website, I’ll give you some of the main advantages that I loved about Zalando:

  • Free delivery
  • Large choice out of every possible brand
  • Zalando Lounge (the best brands with discounts up to 70% off)
  • The goods can easily be returned
  • They are a famous webshop which allows me to trust them more

In one of my later posts I’ll post my Zalando wish list, because this was surely not the last thing I ordered from them! So keep up with me 😉



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