Pink Brunch

Pink Brunch

Exactly 1 month ago my friends and I organized a pink brunch just for the girls! The concept is really simple: You bring all the yummiest stuff with you and try to have a touch of pink in all of it! We had fruits, freshly squeezed orange juice, pancakes, cupcakes, bagels with salmon and Philadelphia… Ok not everything was pink, but at least we tried!

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Cheezy garlic bread

Hi guys!

I haven’t had so much time lately to write new articles on my blog because I’m working on my graduation project.

Today I did find some time to do a quick post. Last week for the goodbye party of a friend I made some delicious garlic bread, so I’d like to share with you how to do it!

You only need:

–          A baguette
–          Butter
–          A clove of garlic
–          Parsley
–          Cheese

Smash the garlic and mix it with the butter and the parsley. Cut the baguette in slices. Spread the garlic butter on the slices of bread and put some cheese on top. Put this in the oven for 10 minutes (until the cheese melted) and you’re ready!

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